MSHQ 014 : Interview with Publisher Roheet


Session 14

Session 14

In Session 14 of The Medical School HQ Podcast, Roheet from was kind enough to sit down with us and share his journey through the pre med process. Listen to find out how a newspaper changed his career path.

Roheet graduated from UCSD with a biomedical engineering degree and is currently in his gap year. He is in the middle of interview season, hoping to land one of the 20,000 or so seats to next years starting allopathic medical school class.

He is in a gap year because he had to reapply, not getting in to medical school his first time applying. Something not unusual these days, and something I had to do as well. He had a great MCAT score, a 33. He also had a good GPA at 3.6. So what was the biggest reason he didn’t get in the first time? Better question, what was the reason he didn’t even get an interview?

He applied late!

Medical schools admit people on a rolling basis, so after they interview a batch of applicants, they decide if they are going to accept them. They DO NOT wait until they have interviewed everybody, so the later you apply, the less spots that are available.

Shadowing was also one of the big missing pieces to Roheet’s application (as it was on mine). He reached out to his pediatrician, a tactic we talked about in Session 12. He also talked about how it was better that his pediatrician was not in an academic setting, allowing for more one-on-one time.

Roheet got some valuable feedback about his application from calling the medical schools that he applied to, and asking them for feedback. Some were open to discussing it, some were not. Don’t hesitate calling to learn more, if you have any questions.

Roheet talks about how he uses his blog at He also talk a little bit about how it affected his applications and interviews. He’s hoping to use his platform to continue to blog throughout medical school and beyond.

During his gap year, he is volunteering, shadowing and taking online classes to keep his mind sharp.

He also gives some great advice on how to pick what schools you should apply to, what to do with your social media during the interview process and more. Listen now to an excellent interview and go say hi to Roheet at

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