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Choosing Premed Colleges & Majors

Picking the right premed college is the first step in a successful path to medical school. When it comes to choosing a major, you may think you are stuck with chemistry or biology. You would be wrong! We will show you what criteria you should be using when choosing an undergraduate school and major.

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Building Your Medical School List

From Harvard to the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, there is a large range of more than 160+ medical schools. Numbers aren't everything, we'll show you some things to think about when choosing a medical school.

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Extracurricular Activities

Shadowing, clinical/non-clinical volunteering, research and leadership. Just a few of the things that can help separate you from your peers!

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The Academy

As a premed student, you have so much information to collect, analyze and act on. You're busy studying, volunteering, and yes, a little partying. Many of you don't have access to a premed advisor, or maybe you just feel like they aren't giving you the advice that YOU need. Join the Academy and advice from experts and be part of a vital community to help keep you on track to get into medical school.

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Let's face it. The MCAT is one of the biggest gate keepers for those that get into medical school, and those that don't. Check out this section for all the MCAT prep info you need.

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Applications & Interviews

AMCAS, AACOMAS, TDMSAS. All those letters control your fate getting into medical school. Primaries, secondaries and the medical school interview are some of the last steps to geting into medical school.

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Caribbean Medical Schools

The Caribbean medical schools are growing and are pumping more and more students into residencies. There are some challenges, but if you have to go, we have some information to help you along the journey.

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Non-traditional Premeds

Non-trads, or old premeds are some of the names of individuals looking to go back to school to become physicians. Every path is different, but they all have the same goal. We'll make your path a little easier.

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