How to Pay Back Your Medical School Loans

Tony Sozzo is back! If you didn’t catch the first episode with Tony, go listen to it HERE.

The first question I ask Tony is why medical school, and undergraduate schools are so darn expensive. He gives some good reasons and mentions that about 2/3 of the cost to medical school is actually spent on the student, which is great to hear.

The second question I ask Tony is whether or not students should be choosing medical schools based on tuition. The overall answer is a definite NO. When you compare the difference paying back loans, the school that is $10,000 cheaper a year is only saving you a couple hundred dollars a month. If one school was more expensive, but I knew it was a better fit for ME, I wouldn’t think twice, and neither should you! Some other things you should think about, how comfortable are you, what is the philosophy of the school, what is the environment?

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The MCAT is changing. MCAT 2015 will be a whole new beast when it hits your nearest Prometric testing center in 2015. Students are already taking a modified trial version here in 2013 and 2014. Find out everything you need to know about the MCAT 2015 in this great interview with Kaplan.

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Correcting Course After Struggling in Medical School

As a premed walking through the halls of the hospital, trying to find where you are supposed to be volunteering – you see all the attendings and residents in their long white coats gracefully walking through the halls.
You assume they have all risen to their current position through lots of hard work and no mistakes.
What if I told you, you can make mistakes, and still make it. Still be the physician of your dreams.

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