Allison and I change things up and do a live Google Hangout and answer questions that were emailed in, and questions that were asked by other people that joined us on the hangout.
We covered questions about the best way to fit in extracurriculars as a freshman in college. There is a burning desire to show admission committees that you are motivated and committed to helping others, but at what cost? You need to make sure that you can pace yourself properly with your new workload as a college student. Once you have your courses figured out, then start adding in the extracurriculars!
We talk about a lot more too!

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Avoiding Burnout as a Premed, Med Student, and Physician

If you can imagine your career after you are done with ALL of your training – at least 7 years down the road if you are a premed, and could guess that 1/3 of your colleagues would be burnt out – would you still take the same journey? What if it was you that was burnout? Overstressed? Overworked? It’s crazy to think that as students of medicine, we learn to take care of others, yet we don’t do a good job of learning to take care of ourselves.

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How Relationships Change in Medical School

For the episode, Allison and I talk about how relationships change as you enter the world of medical education. As you step foot on campus at medical school, you no longer have all the time in the world for your friends and family. That can lead to a lot of frustration and tension between friends.

Friends and family also have a hard time trying to keep track of where you are in the process. My family still asks if I’m a doctor. I GRADUATED IN 2009!

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Should You Go to Medical School? 5 Reasons to Go to Medical School, and 5 to Not

Allison and I join forces to talk about an important topic – why you should or shouldn’t go into medical school, and become a physician. You might be the smartest kid in your class, so you think you should be a doctor. Sometimes you think you want a stable, high paying job, so you think you should become a physician. Allison and I cover 5 reasons to go into medicine and 5 reasons to not go into medicine.

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