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Archive for December 2017

Should I Take an MCAT Prep Course?

Session 106 The MCAT is one of the biggest beasts on the premed path. Our question today is from someone asking if they should take a prep course to help them with their MCAT score. Listen to this podcast episode with the player above, or keep reading for the highlights and takeaway points. [02:24] OldPreMeds…

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What Does Rural Pediatrics Look Like?

Session 55 Dr. Ekta Escovar is a general Pediatrician in rural Texas. We talked about her desire to work in a rural setting, the challenges that come with it, and the benefits it presents. Being a rural physician is unique on its own so Ryan decided to add this into the mix outside of the…

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MCAT Biology Discrete Questions – Acetyl-CoA and more

Session 73 Hypoglycemia, the electron transport chain, and beta-oxidation are the subjects covered by Ryan and Bryan on this episode.Click Here to Download Handout [01:02] Hyploglycemia Question 16: Which of the following is the most plausible explanation for a patient experiencing hypoglycemia? (A) Accidental self injection of excess insulin (B) Increased gluconeogenesis (C) A four-hour…

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How Much Shadowing Do I Need for Medical School?

Session 105 The shadowing vs clinical experience debate rages on in this post. This nontraditional student wants to know how many hours of shadowing she needs for her medical school applications. If you’re new to OldPreMeds Podcast, we answer questions taken from the Nontraditional Premed Forum here at Medical School Headquarters. So if you’re a…

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