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Archive for December 2017

The ShortCoat Podcast: Admissions Bias Against Alternative Medicine?

Original Article: Admissions Bias Against Alternative Medicine? For medical school admissions, package study of alternative medicine carefully Chrissa wrote in to say that she believes that complementary and alternative medicine systems should be more important to mainstream, Western medicine.  In fact, she’s studying Ayurvedic medicine, and she wants to know if she should talk about it…

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An Academic MS Specialist Discusses The Specialty

Session 53 Dr. Jacqueline Bernard is an academic Neurologist who specializes in treating patients with multiple sclerosis. She is a physician at OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University). We talk about the specialty and so much more. Tune in every week to hear different stories of specialists even if you’re interested in going into primary…

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Am I Too Old to Go to Med School and Be a Surgeon?

Am I Too Old to Go to Medical School and Be a Surgeon?

Session 104 If you’re thinking about going to medical school and becoming a surgeon, but you’re worried about how old you are, you need to check out this episode! (Hint: Age doesn’t matter!) [01:17] OldPreMeds Question of the Week: “I’m a 32-year-old mother of two, and I’ve recently allowed myself to actually entertain the idea…

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Dean of MSUCOM Talks About Mission to Increase Canadian DOs

Session 264 Dean Bill Strampel from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine joined us to talk about his school and what they are doing for Canadian premeds. Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine has an interesting mission, which is to increase the awareness and the availability of osteopathic physicians in Canada. The school…

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The ShortCoat Podcast: Preparing for Residency Interviews

Original Article: Preparing for Residency Interviews   Preparing for Residency Interviews Welcome to Night Float! In this series  of special episodes, resident physicians take a break from the demands of their days (and nights) to offer information, guidance, and support to medical students and to share their residency experiences. Fourth year medical students are currently in…

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Should I Schedule a Second MCAT Date as a Backup?

Session 24 You walk out of MCAT and don’t think you’ve done well, should you schedule another test date, or should you wait for your score? That’s what we cover today. Our episodes in this podcast are recordings of our Facebook Live that we do at 3pm Eastern on most weekdays. Check out our Facebook…

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A Look at Pathology Match Data, and Lifestyle Reports

Session 52 This week, we’re diving into the match data and cover Pathology. Interestingly, Pathology is a small field that seems to be losing interest among graduating U.S. seniors according to the data. I’m digging into the results of the NRMP Residency Match Data 2017. As you’re going through the process, you can understand what…

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