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Archive for February 2018

MCAT Foundational Topic: Biochemistry Broken Down

Session 81 Biochemistry is a foundational topic on the MCAT and we’re going to cover some of the foundational pieces of information that you’re expected to know on the test. Bryan Schnedeker from Next Step Test Prep is joining us again to discuss some biochem questions to help students get the score they need. Bryan…

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The ShortCoat Podcast: How Med Student Parents Make It Happen

Original Article: How Med Student Parents Make It Happen Can you be a parent while you’re in medical school? Kylie Miller and Issac Schwantes take a break from their fairly new clinical duties to let Gabe Conley and Erik Kneller know how it’s going working with actual patients.  What unexpected things have they learned?  Were their professors really…

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Can I Get into Med School With a Low GPA?

Can I Get Into Med School With a Low GPA?

Session 112 Our poster today is wondering if she can get into medical school after starting her undergrad poorly. What should you do if you have a low science GPA? Questions answered here on the OldPreMeds Podcast are taken directly from our Nontrad Premed Forums. Check it out, join our collaborative community, and ask away! [01:10]…

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What MCAT Score Do I Need If I Have a Low GPA?

Session 80 If your GPA is low, you may have heard that the MCAT might save you if you get a good enough score. Bryan Schnedeker, VP for Content Development at Next Step Test Prep, is again joining us as tackle a common question that comes in about GPA and MCAT score. [01:17] What MCAT…

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