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Archive for September 2018

Next Step Full Length 10, CARS Passage 5

Session 113 Are you tired of CARS yet? This is one of the hardest sections on the MCAT, but hopefully, we’re making it easier for you going through these passages! Once again, Clara from Next Step Test Prep joins us for another (hopefully, fun) round of the CARS section. Also, please listen to all our other…

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Next Step Full Length 10, CARS Passage 4

Session 112 Learning how to do well on the CARS section is hard. Practice makes perfect and that’s why you should be following along with us on The MCAT Podcast! Check out all our other podcasts on MedEd Media including The Premed Years, OldPreMeds Podcast, Specialty Stories, Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A, TMDSAS Podcast, The…

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Next Step Full Length 10, CARS Passage 3

Session 111 We’re back for some more Next Step Test Prep full-length 10 with CARS passage 3. Follow along with the handout on the blog post for this episode. Again, we’re joined by Clara from Next Step Test Prep as we break down the passage for you to help you rock your CARS section. Click…

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