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Archive for September 2018

What is Preventive Medicine? A Look at Academic Prev Med

Session 77 Dr. Janani Krishnaswami talks about Academic Preventive Medicine including what drew her to it, and what she likes and doesn’t like about prev med. Janani is a preventive medicine physician in University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. To learn more about preventive medicine, check out all the available resources at the American College…

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Next Step Full Length 10, CARS Passage 2

Session 110 Clara from Next Step Test Prep is back for some more Next Step full-length 10 breakdown—this time with CARS passage 2. Check out MedEd Media! We have a new podcast, the TMDSAS Podcast. The TMDSAS stands for Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service, which is the application system for the public Texas…

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Will the HPSP Scholarship be Too Hard with a Family?

Session 142 Our poster today is an Air Force pilot who now wants to go to medical school He has three kids and a wife and is worried the HPSP scholarship won’t be enough. (Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is a scholarship program offered by the military.) But first, be sure to check out MedEd…

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