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Archive for February 2019

Cardiac Electrophysiology—What is it?

Session 84 Dr. Edward Schloss joined me to talk about his journey to Cardiac Electrophysiology, what 17 years in the field looks like, and his likes and dislikes of his specialty. If you’re a premed student, go check out all our other resources on MedEd Media Network. If you’re a medical student, go check out…

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USMLE and COMLEX Prep: 60 y/o Male with a Murmur

Session 06 Today, we start our board content. We thought that there is no better way to start than with the heart. As always, I’m joined by Dr. Andrea Paul from Board Vitals, a company that helps you with your board prep. They feature an amazing QBank and software platform to help you maximize your…

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Next Step Full Length 10, Psych/Soc Passage 1

Session 134 As always, I am joined by Clara from Next Step Test Prep, and we are diving into the last section of the MCAT here on Next Step Test Prep Full Length 10, psych/soc passage one. You aren’t going to see as many acronyms and protein and enzyme names and really academic journal type…

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From College Athlete to Accepted Medical Student

Session 327 Jeff was an accomplished athlete, but struggled to gain an acceptance to medical school his first two times. Listen to an amazing story of a student who had all the odds stacked against him coming from a lower socioeconomic household and broken house to turning it all around. Today, he talks about getting…

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Will Competency-Based Degrees Work For Med School?

Session 166 Our student attained a competency-based degree through a regionally accredited institution, but has taken the prereqs at a community college. Will this suffice? All the questions tackled here are taken from the Nontrad Premed Forum. If you haven’t yet, please sign up for a free account then feel free to ask any questions…

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What Does Community Pediatric Cardiology Look Like?

Session 83 Dr. Renee Rodriguez is a community-based Pediatric Cardiologist. She shares why she loves children’s hearts, a typical day, and whether she has balance in her life. Meanwhile, be sure to check out MedEd Media Network for more helpful resources. [01:25] Interest in Pediatric Cardiology The first time she realized she wanted to do…

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