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Archive for November 2019

The Many Facets of Reproductive Endocrinology

Session 120 Dr. Alex Polotsky, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility (REI) specialist and infertility fellowship director, feels very fortunate to provide fertility care for women and families. Listen to find out why! If you’re interested in OB/GYN and REI, this is will be a great episode for you. And even if you’re not, hearing from a…

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What Organism Is Causing this Pneumonia?

Session 35 Infectious Disease! A young man presents with increasing SOB and green sputum. Sputum culture shows α-hemolytic gram-positive cocci in chains. Name that bug! We’re joined by Dr. Mike Natter from BoardVitals. Find him on Instagram @mike.natter. If you’re looking for some more help with your Step 1 or Level 1 prep, go to…

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MCAT CARS: International Relations and Game of Thrones

Session 55 This passage draws connections between European history and Westeros. Not a Game of Thrones fan? Remember: don’t spend too much time on any one paragraph! We’re joined by Jack Westin. If you’re looking for some more MCAT CARS help, check out their free daily CARS passages. Listen to this podcast episode with the…

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Navigating MCAT Psychology and Sociology Vocab

Session 168 Today, we’re hitting some of the high notes, which are things students find very confusing and very complex. Let’s tackle some MCAT definitions: Do you know the different heuristics? How about the different types of memory? Join us for some psych/soc. We have a fun episode today! We’re joined once again by Phil…

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