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Next Step Full Length 10, Passage 6, Questions 31-34

Session 103 Together with Bryan Schnedeker of Next Step Test Prep, let’s dive into Passage 6 on Next Step’s full-length 10 which includes nutrition labels, understanding fiber, combustion, and others. If you didn’t know yet, I also host The Premed Years Podcast, The OldPreMeds Podcast, Specialty Stories, Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A, and some more…

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What if I Don’t Have Time for Volunteer Experiences?

Session 133 Today, our student is worried about a secondary question asking about volunteer healthcare experiences. This nontrad works in healthcare, but is a mom and struggling to find time to “volunteer” and get the “healthcare volunteer” experiences. If you have questions answered here on the podcast, check out the Nontrad Premed Forum and register…

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