There are Non-Traditional Medical Students and Residents Too

Ryan is joined by Dr. Topf, who blogs about his craft at They discuss a non-traditional path through the medical education system.

Don’t Give Up Just Because Someone Says It’s “Different Now”

Ryan and Allison talk about a piece on KevinMD about a medical school dropout, who talks about her dream being crushed by the process.
A Canadian Premed Talks About His Journey to Med School

A Canadian Premed Talks About His Journey to Med School

Darby joins Ryan on the podcast to discuss what life was like as a non-traditional applicant to Canadian medical school, and life as a Canadian premed.

IQ, Canadian Premed, Retaking Courses and More Q&A

We dig deep into their email boxes and pull questions that you, the premed, have asked. We answer a handful of great questions coving a lot of different topics.

9 Med School Application Tips That Will Give You an Edge

Ryan and Allison are back together talking about the AMCAS and AACOMAS applications. These medical school applications are a difficult and you need to be prepared!
The Medical School Application Personal Statement

The Medical School Application Personal Statement

Ryan and Allison give a sneak peak inside the Academy, the premiere premed advising community, and share a webinar given on the medical school personal statement.
Should I Turn Down a DO Acceptance?

Should I Turn Down a DO Acceptance?

Ryan discusses a question from a premed who only applied to DO schools, got accepted, and is now thinking about waiting a year and applying to MD schools.

The High Stress World of the Residency Match

Ryan and Allison talk about the NRMP - National Resident Matching Program, the system that determines where you will be doing your residency training.

Get Paid to Study for the MCAT with DrSmarts!

Dr. Rashid Taher from joins Ryan to talk about his path to becoming an Opthamalogist and founder of Dr. Smarts, a leading site for MCAT prep.
Getting into Medical School with F's on your Transcript

Overcoming 12 Withdrawals and 5 F’s as a Premed

Matt tells his story of a failed start as a premed undergrad career and how he turned it around. Now he has a med school acceptance. Listen to his whole story!

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