Choosing Premed Colleges and Majors


Overcoming Obstacles on Her Way to Medical School

Ryan talk to Silvia about her LONG journey to medical school, including taking 11 years to complete her premed studies, battling depression and more! Listen now!

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Calculating Premed GPA and other Listener Questions

Ryan answers questions that were sent in by listeners like you! Calculating your premed GPA, raising your GPA after you have graduated, and MCAT prep are some.

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Study Habits and Tips for the Premed Student

Links and Other Resources

Fresh Progress Geek – With actions progress can be achieved

Pitzer College | A Los Angeles-Area Liberal Arts College

Join the Academy!

Did you know that you are most likely the average of the 5 people that you hang around the most? You 5 best friends? Come join the community and make sure that the 5 people that you are hanging around the most are other highly motivated premed students, medical students and physicians as you learn what it takes to get into medical school, conquer medical school, and finally become the physician of your dreams!

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Wonderful — 5 stars

by Kkm_2010 from United States on Aug 11, 2014
The most helpful source I've had in my premed journey. It has definitely helped me focus my thoughts for the personal statement, interviews, etc…

MSHQ is Premed Medicine for the Soul — 5 stars

by David Enyart from United States on Aug 6, 2014
Via the Medical School HQ podcast, doctors Ryan and Allison Gray present the most accurate, unbiased and fear-eliminating content there is. Each podcast fills me personally with the knowledge, vision, hope and focus I need to continue on my path toward becoming a physician with each passing week. There aren't many resources I would promote with the same degree of passion or excitement as I do this podcast. If you have yet to subscribe and/or leave a 5 star review, what are you waiting for?Thank you Ryan and Allison for, not only your faithful delivery of the greatest content on the web, but for personally sticking by me as a friend/big brother and sister in medicine via your answering of my emails and phone calls without hesitation or delay. If you have yet to develop a personal statement for the MSHQ podcast, here's a suggestion: “We Exist to Help Ordinary People with Extraordinary Passion for Medicine to become the Doctor they Were Meant to Be.”

Thank you for all you do, and don't stop.


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Combined Degree Programs with Ajay and Aleena from

Going straight from high school to a combined degree program can take a lot of the unknown out of the equation. The founders of talk about it.

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Question and Answer Session on Google Hangouts

Allison and I change things up and do a live Google Hangout and answer questions that were emailed in, and questions that were asked by other people that joined us on the hangout.
We covered questions about the best way to fit in extracurriculars as a freshman in college. There is a burning desire to show admission committees that you are motivated and committed to helping others, but at what cost? You need to make sure that you can pace yourself properly with your new workload as a college student. Once you have your courses figured out, then start adding in the extracurriculars!
We talk about a lot more too!

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Bench to the Bedside – MD/PhD Student Interview

Session 40 In today's episode, Ryan talks with Hanna about MD/PhD programs, one of the many other dual degree programs…

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How to Fix a Medical School Application After Starting Premed Poorly

Dr. Polites is back with us again to talk about how to go about fixing a poor start to a premed career. If you remember, Dr. Polites joined us back in session 23.
Dr. Polites and I try to create scenarios that students may be in, whether it is a poor GPA or low MCAT score, so he/she can listen to the advice Dr. Polites has to offer.
If you have a good GPA and low MCAT, should you retake the MCAT? Should you try to retake the test with the hopes of raising the score? We talk about that!
What about getting a C in a course – should you retake the course? For the AMCAS application you have to average you grades. For the AACOMAS application you us the LAST grade, even if you do worse.

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