The Medical School Headquarters is here for one thing. Our goal is to provide life-changing mentoring to the next generation of physicians.

That mentoring comes from many different paths, including breaking down the data released by the AAMC and AACOM, reviewing test prep companies, providing real life anecdotes from other students going through similar struggles and much, much more.

Part of our goal is to provide a balanced and unbiased view of everything that happens on the path to becoming a physician. To get that balance, we need other opinions, and other views. This is your opportunity to help us help the next generation of physicians.

Why do this? We have a great community of readers and listeners. If you have a blog and think that our community may benefit from what you do, guest posting here will help expose you to them.

Contact us and give us a brief story about you and why you think our community would like to hear from you.

We look forward to hearing from you.