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    Hi All,

    I am very interested to get involved in medical research but am at a loss as to how to pursue this. I work full time and it is unlikely that the need for me to work will change until I (hopefully) start medical school. I will be applying to medical school during the summer of 2020. I have a semester of bench research lab experience during my undergrad (2014) and would really enjoy getting involved in research again, especially clinical research. I would love to work with patients, interviewing and conducting tests/examinations as well as collecting/analyzing results and writing. That being said I have reached out to a number of professors, but have received mainly stereo silence. This likely is not a need for my application but something I really want to pursue as I can see myself continuing as an academic/practitioner after completion of medical school.

    Does anyone have experience working/volunteering in research or as an RA while working a 9 to 5? If so how did you find the opportunity, and what is your story? I live in a large MidWestern city for reference.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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