Is post-bacc right for me?

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    Hi my name is Kenzie. I have recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in Health Science at a 4 year university where I also played volleyball. My degree incorporated some traditional science classes like Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and General Chemistry. However most of the typical premed classes were not required and playing a sport didn’t leave me with much time to take additional classes. My overall GPA in undergrad was a 3.1. I got mainly Bs and Cs in the sciences that were required. After working under physicians at a dermatology office I have decided that I want to go to medical school. There are several classes that I still need to take (Organic Chem, Bio Chem, Physics and maybe Calculus). I also want to retake some of the sciences I got C’s in during undergrad. I have heard a lot about Post-Baccalaureate programs being great for people in my situation. However most of the programs seem to only be for non science majors/career changers. I am specifically drawn to the post-bacc programs with linkage to med schools. I would like to know if I should continue searching for a post-bacc program that allows science majors to attend or take the classes on my own at a 4 year college. I know that getting A’s in all of these classes is most important above all else. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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