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    I decided I wanted to be a doctor summer 2017 and here it is winter 2018 and I am still just trying to get started! I am frustrated and tired of getting nowhere, and I have not even started! I couldn’t just up and quit my business job to start doing pre-reqs and getting clinical experience. So I stayed at my job till November of this year and I saved up the money to pay for my pre-reqs for 5 semesters. I went to EMT school at night, and I worked on getting a scribe job too. I also had to wait to get in-state tuition because I had just moved to Georgia from Florida for my career job in marketing.
    After 6 months of my job I realized I hated marketing because I did nothing to help anyone. All I did was make a company money. I always knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others, but for some stupid reason I thought I could put that aside for a lucrative career. I realized I can’t chase money and I have to be doing something I am passionate about. I couldn’t accept this major job and quit 6 months later, no one else will ever hire me if i’m such a job hopper. I became so depressed until the realization that I could be a doctor occurred. One day in the life of a doctor is more meaningful than an entire career in marketing for me.
    So now I am all signed up to start my pre-reqs in January and I am currently working as a scribe. The pay is horrible, but I am passionate about my work and I’ve never felt that before. I learn so so much from the doctors each shift. My dilemma is that I love being a scribe in the hospital and working with the doctors. I feel that my application needs this for experience, shadowing opportunities, and letters of recommendation I hope to earn. However, I really want to be an EMT too. I went through the process of getting my certification, and I want to put my hands on the patients and help people in need. The scribe company says I cannot be a scribe and an EMT because it is a liability for them to have me drop patients off as an EMT and then turn around and clock in to work as a scribe. I know I have to get another job because I can’t live off the scribe salary and I need health Insurance. Working two jobs and going to school full time will be a difficult schedule to manage. I want to put my all into my pre-reqs. I need to get all A’s and I need to do well on the MCAT. I was talking with my scribe trainer, he is an old pre-med like me too, and he said on his medical applications the schools did not consider scribing to be clinical experience, and that the schools do not understand what scribes do. This is a huge problem for me because I thought scribing was the best clinical experience you could get prior to medical school, and I quit my career job to be a scribe. Anyways, I got my pre-reqs worked out, but now my clinical experience portion of my application seems to be a big mess.



    That is so so exciting that you will be starting in January to get on the road you want to be on! I start then as well. I’m sorry it is such a tricky journey and do hope you figure out a way that works for your family to get paid and get the experience you need. Have you considered working as a Medical assistant?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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