M Prep MCAT Anytime eCourse Review – MCAT Prep on a Budget

MCAT Prep is something we’ve covered in depth before. You can find that here.MCAT Prep Company, Question of the Day

M Prep is a small company that competes against the big boys like Kaplan and The Princeton Review. I’ll review their Anytime eCourse here and show how I think they are a company that you might want to look towards when looking into your MCAT preparation needs.

We interviewed Alec from M Prep in Session 65 of the Medical School HQ Podcast, discussing the 3 most common MCAT questions premeds have.

You may already know of M Prep from their free MCAT question of the day service they offer on their site – mcatquestion.com. You may not have noticed the eCourse link at the top of the page though.

I do want to mention that I think their MCAT question of the day service is one of the best. I think all of the services offer generally the same questions, but with M Prep, you have the ability to answer the question directly from the email. The other services first take you to the site, then you click your answer.

M Prep MCAT eCourse Promo Code

Use M Prep Promo Code – “MSHQ” to save $50 on the MCAT Anytime eCourse or $100 on the MCAT Comprehensive eCourse!

MCAT Anytime eCourse Review

The Video Review

The eCourse is a prerecorded course for you to consume at anytime. There are no classes to go to, there are no start dates you have to wait for. The moment you are ready to start learning, you can – after you pay of course.

Anytime eCourse Cost

Here is probably the biggest benefit of working with a small company. The cost. Since M Prep is a small business, run by a current medical student and a former premed student who decided to take a different route, their MCAT prep options are inexpensive. Don’t confuse inexpensive with poor quality though. It’s cheaper because they aren’t paying for classrooms all over the country, or paying for a large staff. Those savings are passed to you.

The anytime eCourse is currently $987 which includes access to an 8 week schedule of recorded lectures, lecture slides, homework assignments and all 8 AAMC MCAT exams. The MCAT exams only would cost you $245 is you bought them through the AAMC.

Compared to courses from Kaplan and The Princeton Review, the cost is substantially lower.

Anytime eCourse Lectures

The Anytime eCourse is broken up into 8 weeks of lectures, with a Session A and Session B – for a total of 17 lectures (Week 1 has Session A and A2). Each Session is broken down into different topics so it’s easy to jump to exactly the subject you need to work on.

The lectures currently require a specific application to view them, and they can only be viewed on a Mac or PC. You CAN NOT view the lectures on a mobile device.

The lecture slides are available to download as a PDF file, so you can take those with you if you know how to do that.

Who is it For

I think think MCAT Anytime eCourse is good for many premed students, including these 3 categories:

  1. Students who prefer to study on their own
  2. Busy students (let’s face it – who isn’t busy) – but more specifically, non-traditional students
  3. Students with a tighter budget

The Cons

  1. As of this review, the lectures are only available for Mac/PC. You can download and take the slides with you on a mobile device, but the recorded lectures can only be viewed on a Mac or PC.
  2. Overall, the site can be a little more polished. To download lectures and slides, you have to download them from a file sharing site with a password. This is likely in part because they are a small company without the resources of a Kaplan or Princeton Review.

The Pros

  1. Access to all 8 AAMC MCAT practice exams. Purchased alone would be $245 through the AAMC
  2. The price is perfect. It’s hard to complain about solid material that is a fraction of the cost of the larger named companies
  3. Good teaching.  The picture of Alec, and the sound aren’t studio quality, but the material should be sufficient for you to take your MCAT prep to the next level.




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