Non-clinical Years


How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness as a Premed

Ryan is joined by Ryan from who shares what he has learned about maintaining health and fitness through medical school. Take a listen!

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Books for Premeds

More Books (and Articles) Premeds Should Read!

Gaining insight into the medical profession and being a physician can be hard for premeds. We’ve picked out some books that will help you see what medicine is like, how to improve yourself and gain knowledge about the ACA.

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Top Resources & Tools for Premeds and Medical Students

Ryan and Allison go through everything premeds and medical students wish was under the tree for Christmas (or the Hanukkah bush! :)). We cover books, tools and more.

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Avoiding Burnout as a Premed, Med Student and Beyond

If you can imagine your career after you are done with ALL of your training – at least 7 years down the road if you are a premed, and could guess that 1/3 of your colleagues would be burnt out – would you still take the same journey? What if it was you that was burnout? Overstressed? Overworked? It’s crazy to think that as students of medicine, we learn to take care of others, yet we don’t do a good job of learning to take care of ourselves.

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Transitioning to Medical School – How it Begins!

Allison and I talk about what it was like transitioning into medical school the first year. Some of the obstacles, frustrations and what worked for us, what didn’t and how we survived!
We talk about how we chose what to do with our first summer during medical school (typically your only free summer during medical school).
Take a listen for a lot of fun conversation!

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Top 7 Things You Should Know as a Medical Student

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Session 32

We had a great response to Session 31 – 8 Pieces of Information Every Premed Should Know that we thought we would add follow up with medical school tips for this week.
These are the 7 things that we thought you should know entering medical school and as you go through med school to increase your chances of whatever residency you want, maximize your time and enjoy yourself.

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