Application Prep and General Advising

I'm Excited to Be Working With You!

The premed journey is crazy, but together we can conquer the world (or at least the admissions committees!)

Here is how the long term coaching works:

Meet over Skype once per month for up to 45 minutes.

We'll start the call with what you were successful in accomplishing the month prior, and what you had problems with.

During these sessions, we will discuss your LORs, Personal Statement, Activities/Extra Curriculars, Secondaries, etc. We can do some mock interviews too!

We'll have a shared Dropbox folder and Google Docs folder, so I can look at all of your information and help craft your personal statement and other parts of the applications.

No stone will be left unturned, and you'll be ready to submit the best application that you can.

After the call, you'll get an audio recording of the call as well as some notes and follow-up items that you need to complete for the following month.

Some other private premed advisors charge more than $3700 for only 2 hours of general advising.

What are students, just like you, saying?

Here's what one student said (who received 10 acceptances!):

"I just got my first acceptance this morning (as I was walking into another school's interview. Talk about a confidence booster!!!) ... I wanted to thank you ... I could not have done it without you. Literally. I did not have access to an advisor ... I was going into this blind, relying on what I found on the Internet, school's websites, and a handful of books about getting into medical school. Having you to bounce questions off of was invaluable. Doing a mock interview with you allowed me to work through my nerves and responses before it really mattered ... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From a clueless premed to a soon-to-be medical student!"

Here's what one student I worked with, who is now at the University of Kentucky as a 1st year said this about working with me:

"[It] helped polish my application in a way that was attractive to those actually in the field. It's a perspective I would not have had otherwise."

Let's get started now!

All spots filled. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested to be notified for future availability for 2018

Need Just a One Time Session?

If you need some feedback on your personal situation, I can do that too! Jump on a call with me for 45 minutes ($300) and let's talk about what you're struggling with. After you check out below, you'll be taken to a page to schedule the call, and you'll have the opportunity to give me some information so we can get started quickly on the call!
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