What Does a Community Based Joint Replacement Specialist Do?

Session 62 Dr. Brock Howell is a community-based joint replacement trained Orthopedic Surgeon. We dive in and talk about his…

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A Community Based Pediatrician Talks About Her Specialty

Session 61 Dr. Catherine Mcilhany is a community-based General Pediatrician. She joined us to talk about her position and her…

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An Academic Peds Pulmonologist Talks About Her Specialty

Session 60 Dr. Taylor Inman is an academic Pediatric Pulmonologist who is also a locums physician. She has been one…

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What Does a Movement Disorder Specialist Do?

Session 58 Dr. Kathrin LaFaver is an academic Neurologist who specializes in Movement Disorders. We talk all about her job…

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What Does a Pulm Critical Care Medicine Doc Do?

Session 57 Dr. Tom Bice is an academic Pulm Critical Care physician in North Carolina. We talk about his specialty…

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How Hard is the Neurosurgery Match? A Look at the Data.

Session 56 Neurosurgery follows the rules of economics. There are very few spots, so it is really competitive to get…

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What Does Rural Pediatrics Look Like?

Session 55 Dr. Ekta Escovar is a general Pediatrician in rural Texas. We talked about her desire to work in…

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