A Community Neonatologist Shares Her Specialty With Us

Session 72 Dr. Leslie Pineda is a private practice Neonatologist in Orlando. We talk about her inspiration to go to…

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An Academic Pediatric Cardiologist Shares Her Specialty

Session 71 Dr. Serena Sah is an academic Pediatric Cardiologist in the California area. We talk about what drew her…

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Private Practice Sports Medicine from Family Practice

Session 70 Dr. Daniel Clearfield is a Family Medicine trained physician who specializes in Sports Medicine. Listen to how he…

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Private Practice General Orthopedics and More

Session 69 Dr. Pamela Mehta is a general private practice orthopedic surgeon. She has been out of training now for…

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What Does Academic Emergency Medicine Look Like?

Session 67 Dr. Elaine Reno is an academic Emergency Medicine physician in Denver. She talks about why she choose academics,…

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What is Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Medicine?

Session 66 Dr. Natalie Crawford, found on Instagram at @nataliecrawfordmd, is a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) specialist and she…

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How Will The Single GME Accreditation System Affect You?

Session 65 If you’re an allopathic/MD Medical school, this may affect you a little bit, but not as much as…

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