Top 7 Things You Should Know as a Medical Student

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Session 32

We had a great response to Session 31 – 8 Pieces of Information Every Premed Should Know that we thought we would add follow up with medical school tips for this week.
These are the 7 things that we thought you should know entering medical school and as you go through med school to increase your chances of whatever residency you want, maximize your time and enjoy yourself.

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Military Medical School and Being a Medical Officer

Dr. Saguil now works at the ‘Military Medical School,' located in Bethesda, MD, right outside of Washington, D.C. USUHS has been around since 1972 and has graduated 5000 physicians. It is an allopathic (MD) granting degree. USUHS is part of the AMCAS application which is used to apply to the majority (except for Texas) allopathic medical schools.
USUHS doesn't charge for applying! But that doesn't mean you should apply, just because it's free. You should truly have an interest/desire to be part of something bigger/something other than yourself.
1/3 of students have some prior association with the military, ROTC, Academy or prior active service.

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Interview with ZDoggMD, Yes – He is a Real Doctor

Dr. Zubin Damania, a.k.a. ZDoggMD, is a hospitalist, healthcare visionary and internet personality. He was grateful enough to sit down and talk to me for a little while about his path to medicine, some of his struggles with his career and the exciting stuff he is doing with the Downtown Project in Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Damania grew up in a dual physician household, and went into medicine just to “spite” his parents. He followed this path into medicine because he liked science, was good at taking tests and had an aptitude for taking tests – which he now says are not good reasons for going into medicine. 
Dr. Damania talks about how he mostly saw the negative side of medicine as he grew up with parents as physicians, which he thinks helped in proving to the admissions committees that he truly knew medicine was what he wanted to do. 
One of the most disturbing things Dr. Damania said near the beginning of the interview – that he actually liked the process of being premed, getting into medical school and going through it. Maybe we should call a psych consult for him?! He actually finished his undergrad at UC Berkeley in 3 years and found medicine a “nice change of pace.” If only we could all see it that way!

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6 Myths of Osteopathic Medical School

Session 26 is a great interview with Patrick and Jonathan, two 3rd year DO (Osteopathic) Medical Students at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. They wrote A Brief Guide to Osteopathic Medicine which is published on AACOM.


They thought there was a gap in the understanding of what osteopathic medical school is and they wanted to fill that gap.


We talked about what their friends and families reactions were when they were admitted to an osteopathic medical school. An initial reaction that Jonathan's family had was for him to wait or go to medical school overseas.


We also got into a discussion about the recent post that I wrote about if we even needed a DO degree. Patrick respectfully disagreed with my argument that osteopathic physicians should stick to primary care so they can practice OMT.


The biggest thing we talked about was this amazingly helpful guide that they wrote. One of my favorite parts was the 6 Myths of Osteopathic Medical School.

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MSHQ 024 : Interview with Bow Tie Ben, 4th Year Med Student

Ben Azevedo, better known as Bow Tie Ben, as of this recording is a 4th year medical student. I first found out about Ben when I saw this article and video. I was amazed that a medical student was taking the time to make bow ties during medical school. He wasn't making them for him. He actually has a business that he runs at New Orleans Bow Ties!
I reached out to Ben because he seemed like the perfect example of a student who is actively involved with something outside of medical school. We often talk about the need for balance in life. Medical school can easily engulf everything that you do, and if you don't put an effort into fighting it, that is all you will do. We as humans need balance, need a break from all the studying and need to get away from medicine so that when we go back into it, we have a fresh mind, ready to absorb all the new info we need to learn.

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Should We Even Have a DO Degree?

I just did a web search for “why go to a DO school” 
The top two results that I received: 
– Reapply or go to DO school?
– Why are Osteopathic medical schools treated like the plague
I’m sure you could do “MD vs DO” too and get similar results.
In the interview that I had with ATSU KCOM, I asked what they thought about this general philosopy of “my grades aren’t good enough for an MD school, I should just go to a DO school instead.” Their response” 

A little disappointment actually, because the curriculum is the same, so it’s not any easier than any med schools out there. But I do feel a little disappointment, and I even interviewed a kid the other day that iterated to that. He said, “Well my dad, who is a physician, said, ‘Your grades aren't good enough, try a D.O. school.'”

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Interview with the National Health Service Corps

Medical school is expensive. There are no two ways about it. Fortunately there are scholarships available. We already covered the Air Force HPSP scholarship in session 18. For this session, we are talking with the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) from the US. Department of Health & Human Services.
Authorized in 1974, the NHSC was created to address the shortage of primary care physicians, especially in rural America.

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