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Interview with Mount Sinai – All About FlexMed

What an opportunity we had for this session of The Premed Years! Dr. Muller, Dean for Medical Education at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (MSSM) took some time to go in-depth with us about FlexMed.


FlexMed is the newest iteration on what MSSM has had since 1987, HuMed. HuMed has allowed college sophomores and juniors to apply to MSSM and if accepted, skip the majority of the “normal” premed requirements. This includes not taking the MCAT! This has allowed the students to follow their passions in other areas, whether it be language, writing or something else.


Dr. Muller shares with us how FlexMed is taking everything they have learned from HuMed, and improving upon it moving forward. HuMed historically has been a 1/4 of the incoming class. FlexMed looks to have that increase to 1/2 of the class in the coming years.


In 2010 Dr. Muller and others published an article (link below) in the journal of Academic Medicine showing that, for the most part, HuMed students do just as well as “normal” premed students.


For interested students, listen to find out who the ideal applicant is for the FlexMed program.

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