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The ShortCoat Podcast: Refusing to Treat: A Collision of Medicine and Conscience

Original Article: Refusing to Treat: A Collision of Medicine and Conscience Do doctors need protection from having to provide treatments they don’t believe in? During Human Rights Week at the Carver College of Medicine, we heard some hard truths from national news commentator, human rights activist, and podcaster Angela Rye. In her speech to the College of Medicine, she…

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The ShortCoat Podcast: Making Clerkships Work

Original Article: Making Clerkships Work Are clerkships a grind, or a boon?  It’s up to you. The second-year students are moving from the pre-clinical curriculum to the clerkships this week.  This transition is exciting–after all, seeing patients is what they’ve come to medical school to do, and now it’s finally happening. Pat Brau, Kylie MIller, Brady…

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