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This is the original OPM nontrad premed general discussion forum. While most nontrad premed topics are great for all audiences, I know you'll still like some "private" nontrad space!

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  8. Jen Trummer on February 22, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    Like most of you, I’m a career changer! I got my undergraduate degree in animal biology (didn’t do so well in gen chem so I convinced myself out of medical school thinking I’d never be able to compensate for the poor grade) and went into a Data Science career in silicon valley. I have my masters in statistics with a great gpa, though I’m not sure that would matter to medical schools since it’s not bio-based (although I did take bio stats and epidemiology courses!).

    Since I’d like to go back and actually conquer my life long dream of becoming a family medicine or pediatrics doctor (I know, minds can change too). I’m trying to figure out where to start. I met the pre-reqs with my undergrad degree and for a brief stint taught the sciences at a small private college so I feel brushing up on the material for a year for the mcat is reasonable especially since I’m planning on still working full time because mortgage payments. I’m slightly tempted to attempt it in September since I don’t want to burn out then not do well.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve volunteered at a hospital (8 years) and has been 5 since I took an EMT course. I’m planning on volunteering at the local free clinic during my off hours and try to gain enough experience to apply to schools in July 2019.

    I’m wondering if this sounds like a reasonable plan, if someone has experience studying for the mcat for a year while holding a full time job and family responsibilities (how did it go, any study schedule in particular you’d recommend?), if there is anything else I should do (sign up for a biology class at the local community college?). There’s so much information out there and I feel overwhelmed with the information from the traditional pre-meds (when’s the last time I did an ec?! Can I include running my two border collies daily? hahaha). Thank you for any help and guidance!

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