Next Step Full Length 10, Psych/Soc Discretes 4

Session 147

Today, the Next Step Test Prep’s full-length 10 is coming to a close (NOT this podcast!) Hopefully, you’ve gone all over all the passages we’ve covered to help you understand what it’s like to take an MCAT exam. So we’re finishing up with four sets of discrete questions for Psych/Soc.

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[02:40] Question 57

In a survey of HIV status, a female clinic patient was asked, “How much control do you feel you have over whether you contract HIV?” She responded, “I have no control over whether I am infected by HIV. If I become infected, it will be due to a higher power having a plan for me.” Which of the following best describes this participant’s belief?

  1. Self-fulfilling prophecy
  2. Self-efficacy
  3. Internal locus of control
  4. External locus of control

Clara’s insights:

The correct answer here is D. While A was a super tempting choice. Self-fulfilling prophecy would have been a case where a person’s own beliefs can cause this prophecy to come true. For one, we have no idea this patient will become infected by HIV.

External locus of control is where she believes that she really doesn’t have any control and it’s just all this external force that has to do with it.

[04:53] Question 58

Parents who do not support gender nonconformity are more likely to have children who:

  1. Maintain a fluid gender identity subject to self-negotiation.
  2. Are less subject to parental coding of toys as masculine or feminine.
  3. Have stricter views on gender identity and roles.
  4. Are more likely to craft identities that maintain their self-esteem.

Clara’s insights:

The correct answer here is C. Three of them are similar and one of them stands out as being different. C is the answer here since gender nonconformity refers to the acceptance of someone not conforming to masculine and feminine gender roles.

If parents don’t support this, children at least tend to follow in their parents’ footsteps. So they’ll also have stricter views on gender identity.

[07:17] Question 59

An individual with Broca’s aphasia would most likely have difficulty with:

  1. Producing language.
  2. Comprehending language.
  3. Fine motor skills.
  4. Breathing.

Clara’s insights:

The correct answer here is A. This is opposite to Wernicke’s aphasia which is equal to trouble comprehending language.

So as your mnemonic, you can probably think of the word Wernicke as a longer word and hard to understand. Whereas Broca’s aplasia is the other one since there are only two things to remember here. Just remember both Wernicke and Broca and you’re good to go!

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