eShadowing - Shadowing for Premeds


Finding shadowing during COVID-19 has been hard for every premed and pre-PA student. That's why the folks at Mappd, Medical School HQ, and Meded Media launched eShadowing with live conversations with physicians and physician assistants!

We have separate sessions for premeds with physicians and pre-PA students with PAs.  Each guest will talk about their profession, offer a case presentation, and give their time for live Q&A with the audience.

We've made some changes to the eShadowing system starting in June 2022. Please read the FAQ below for all your questions.


eShadowing is transitioning to a new registration platform!

If you previously registered for weekly reminders (auto-registration), you'll need to register one more time using the updated links below.  You'll also need to track your hours going forward. You can do this for free with Mappd App: create an account at See the FAQ for more information.


eShadowing for premeds: Mondays 4pm ET

Summer 2022: Mondays, 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 PM Central). eShadowing for premeds will be on Mondays at 4pm eastern from July 25th to Sept 19th.

Fall 2022: Starting Tuesday, Sept 27th, eShadowing for premeds will be on Tuesdays at 4pm eastern.

Register for the new platform using the link below and we'll keep you updated.


eShadowing for pre-PA students: Mondays 7pm ET 

eShadowing for pre-PAs meets Mondays at 7:00 PM Eastern (6:00 PM Central)


eShadowing is transitioning to a new registration platform starting June 2022! If you previously registered for weekly reminders (auto-registration), you'll need to register one more time using the updated links below. You'll also need to track your hours; the free activity tracker is one way to do this.

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If you're interested in learning more about different careers, Dr. Gray has hosted 150+ episodes of Specialty Stories. You can subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts!

eShadowing Frequently Asked Questions

eShadowing updates June 2022


Q: Is there a short and sweet version of the eShadowing June 2022 updates?
A: Indeed!

  • What stays the same
    • eShadowing is FREE
    • eShadowing is live on a regular basis and then also available for replay
  • What changes
    • Watch live to ask questions or watch on YouTube about a day after the session
    • Track your own hours on the honors system like you would any other shadowing.
    • Get a chance to be a student guest host!


Q: Is there a version of eShadowing June 2022 updates for those who want all the details?

A: Why, yes, we also have that.

When the pandemic started to take hold of the health care system in 2020, shadowing went from “hard to find” to “nearly impossible.”  Two years later, even as in-person shadowing becomes more available, we consider eShadowing a core offering. We will continue to offer this service to premeds and pre-PA students at no cost to you!

As with so many of the projects we create here at Mappd and Medical School Headquarters, eShadowing started because you, our students, told us you needed it.  Finding shadowing has long been a big challenge for premed and pre-PA students.  If you don’t already have connections through friends and family, or a great gig working alongside Physicians and PAs, it can be very difficult to find someone willing to let you into their busy workdays.

While everyone agrees that in-person shadowing is the best option if it’s available, eShadowing offers you another option. It also serves as a great way to see more specialties and add to the breadth of your clinical observation experiences.

We’ve also found that med schools and PA schools are fine with eShadowing, especially when used as a supplement to in-person shadowing. They expect students to track eShadowing themselves by the honor system, just as they would expect for any other premed activity. We've had thousands of students list us on applications for the last 2 years, and not one program has reached out to us to verify the student hours.

So, we've decided that going forward, the two most important parts of eShadowing are 1) great guests who can share case studies and answer questions live and 2) posting the replay for free for people to watch later. To focus our energies on that, effectively immediately, we’re terminating quizzes, attendance, and certificates.  You should track your hours for eShadowing, just as you would track any other shadowing, clinical, or volunteer experience.  The free activity tracker at is one way to do this.

Finally, we’re exploring the possibility of having students lead the interviews! We’d probably create a rotation or schedule of host volunteers, with details to be decided. We think this may help keep the questions and conversations fresher, and we are excited to hear your thoughts on this.  

We hope you understand and continue to join us for eShadowing!

Q: I understand I have to track my hours from June 10th, 2022 onward, but can you help me estimate my hours attended before that date?

A: Yes, we can! To verify your hours spent eShadowing, follow these steps:

1. Create a new blank email with no text at all in the body of the email
2. In the Subject line, enter the email address you used to sign up for eShadowing - don't put anything else in the subject line
3. In the To line, enter <[email protected]> for premed hours or <[email protected]> for pre-PA hours
4. Double check that the body of the email is completely blank.
5. Send the email and give it up to 30 minutes.
6. An automated system will email you back with your hours attended.
7. If you used more than one email address to register for eShadowing, repeat steps 1-6 as needed for each email address.


Your email should look like this:

To:  [email protected] or [email protected] (if you attended both, do one at a time)
Subject: <the email you used to register for eShadowing>
Body of email: <leave blank>

Q: What if I already submitted my hours request?

A: Give it a few minutes for the automation to return your dates and hours.


Q: It's been a few minutes and I still don't have my verification. Now what?  

  • Check your subject line - the most common mistake students make is to leave the subject line blank instead of listing the email or to add additional words in addition to the email. Only your email address goes in the subject line.
  • Check the email address you're listing in the subject line matches the one you used to register for shadowing. Try variations or alternate emails if needed.

General Questions


Q: Is there a cost to attend?
A: No, eShadowing will always be free!


Q: Is space limited?
A: Yes, we have a cap of 500 students live. Typically this is enough space for everyone who wishes to attend live. It will be a first come first serve for the live streams. If you can't make the live stream, you will be able to watch the replay within about a day.


Q: Do I need to register every week?

A: Yes and no. With the registration system we're using for June 2022 and beyond, once you've registered, the main thing you need to do is verify your email address.  After that, we'll send invitations to the eShadowing sessions as they are scheduled.


Q: How do I get my confirmation email? Where's the link to join the eShadowing session?

A: Once you register, you need to verify your email.  We send the webinar link about an hour before the session - only to folks who both registered and verified their email address.  Add [email protected] to your contacts and check any filters in your mailbox such as spam or promotions.



Replay Questions


Q: Where can I find the eShadowing Replay?

A: Starting in June 2022, we'll post the eShadowing Replays to the eShadowing YouTube channel about a day or so after the live webinar. Some sessions previous to this date are also posted there.


Q: I can't make it live, can I still get credit?

A: Yes! eShadowing, like all premed activities, is based on the honor system. If you've watched the session, you can track it in your Mappd Activity Tracker or wherever you track your activities.


Q: What contact info should I put on my application?

A: Use Ryan Gray, MD as the name and [email protected] as the email address.

On AMCAS and for most application systems, you do not need a phone number even though it looks like it. Just the email is fine. The location is Boulder, CO.

For OMSAS, or other applications that require a full address and phone, use this:

Medical School Headquarters

300 Center Drive, Suite G265
Superior, CO 80027
(617) 396-4360


These physicians are volunteering their time to teach you. Please take a second to learn about them and say hi to them on social media.

Michelle Bloom

Michelle Bloom, MD

Advanced Heart Failure and Cardio-Oncology




Archana Mishra, MD

Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine



Jeannina Smith, MD

Transplant ID/MedEd



Estefania Oliveros

Estefania Oliveros, MD

Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology/ Pulmonary Hypertension



Claudia Cotes

Claudia Cotes, MD

Radiology, Breast Imaging




Mike Darracq, MD

Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Addiction Medicine


Derek Larson

Derek Larson, MD

Nephrology (adult)



Aleece Fosnight

Aleece Fosnight, PA-C

Sexual Medicine



Watch this Session

Shannon Dowler

Shannon Dowler, MD

Family Medicine



Daniel Freess, MD

Daniel Freess, MD

Emergency Medicine




Jocelyn Fitzgerald, MD

Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery



Brian Gilmer

Brian Gilmer, MD

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon


Kumar Vasudevan, MD

Kumar Vasudevan, MD



Kara Mintier, DO

Kara Mintier, DO



Michael Brumage, MD

Michael Brumage, MD

Preventive Medicine (and internal medicine)



Elaine Reno

Elaine Reno, MD



Jacqueline Moline

Jacqueline Moline, MD

Occupational Medicine



Heval Kelli

Heval Kelli, MD

Julie Krystal

Julie Krystal, MD

Pediatric Oncology



Jessica Bartfield

Jessica Bartfield, MD

Obesity Medicine


Kevin Chung, MD

Kevin Chung, MD

Combat Casualty Care, Burns, Critical Care


Vana Raman

Vana Raman, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology


Thomas Maxey

Thomas Maxey, MD

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery


Brittany Davidson

Brittany Davidson, MD

Community/Private Practice



Bruce Chamberlain

Bruce Chamberlain, MD

Internal Medicine/Hospice and Palliative Medicine


Aaron Nelson

Aaron Nelson, MD

Child Neurology



Chris Sahler

Chris Sahler, MD

Community/Private Practice


Renée Darko

Renée Darko, DO




Kevin Chung, MD

Kevin Chung, MD

Medicine and Surgery


Peter Steinberg

Peter Steinberg, MD



Toniya Singh

Toniya Singh, MD




Marc Alain Babi

Marc Alain Babi, MD

Neurology and Neurocritical Care



Jean Robey, MD

Jean Robey, MD



Christopher DuCoin

Christopher DuCoin, MD

GI Surgery



Siba El Hussein

Siba El Hussein, MD

Hematopathology/ Cytopathology



Rabia de Latour

Rabia de Latour, MD

GI/Advanved Endoscopy



Anique Forrester

Anique Forrester, MD

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry



Watch this Session

Nii Darko

Nii Darko, DO

Trauma Surgery



Watch this Session

Ian Storch

Ian Storch, DO



Watch this Session

Deepak Sudheendra

Deepak Sudheendra, MD

Vascular & Interventional Radiology



Watch this Session


Richard Newman, MD

ENT...Head & Neck Surgical Oncology


Preeti Sudheendra, MD

Preeti Sudheendra, MD

Heme/Onc (Breast Medical Oncology)



Alexandra Sowa

Alexandra Sowa, MD

Obesity Medicine



Watch this Session

Kathrin LaFaver

Kathrin LaFaver, MD

Neurology - Movement Disorders



Watch this Session

Judy Melinek, MD

Judy Melinek, MD

Forensic Pathology



Watch this Session

Courtney Rowe

Courtney Rowe, MD

Pediatric Urology



Watch this Session

Mark Lessne

Mark Lessne, MD

Vascular and Interventional Radiology



Watch this Session

Kenan Omurtag Headshot Round

Kenan Omurtag, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility



Watch this Session

Michelle Kittleson MD Heart Failure Transplant Cardiology

Michelle Kittleson, MD

Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology



Watch this Session

Kristina Dakis MD Family Medicine Maternity Care

Kristina Dakis, MD

Family Medicine and Maternity Care



BJ Miller MD Hospice Palliative Medicine

BJ Miller, MD

Hospice and Palliative Medicine



Watch this Session

Anisha Dua MD Rheumatology

Anisha Dua, MD




Watch this Session

Brent Lacey MD GI

Brent Lacey, MD




Watch this Session

Ed Uthman Pathology

Ed Uthman, MD

Anatomical and Clinical Pathology



Watch this Session

Matthew Kholer IR PM

Matthew Kohler, MD

Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine



Watch this Session

Jamal Rahimi MD EM

Jamal Rahimi, MD

Emergency Medicine



Watch this Session

Brian Smith MD Headshot

Brian Smith, MD

General Surgery


Carly Snyder MD Headshot

Carly Snyder, MD

Reproductive and Perinatal Psychiatry



Watch this Session

Brittany Henderson Headshot Round

Brittany Henderson, MD

Thyroidology / Endocrinology



Watch this Session

David Winchester MD Headshot

David Winchester, MD




Watch this Session

Aaron Shmookler

Aaron Shmookler, MD

Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine (Pathology)



Watch this Session

Alex Dressler MD Headshot

Alex Dressler, MD

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine



Watch this Session

Dana Levin MD Headshot

Dana Levin, MD

Aerospace and Emergency Medicine



Watch this Session

Philip Chan MD Headshot

Philip Chan, MD, MS

Infectious Diseases (HIV and STIs)


Watch this Session

Nina Riggins MD Headshot

Nina Riggins, MD

Anjali Malik MD Headshot

Anjali Malik, MD

Breast Imaging Radiology



Watch this Session

Jay Mehta MD Headshot

Jay Mehta, MD

Pediatric Rheumatology



Watch this Session

Renee Paro MD Headshot

Renee Paro, MD

Pediatric Cardiology



Watch this Session

Dr. Richard Brown

Ricky Brown, MD

Plastic Surgery



Watch this Session

Elaine Reno Headshot Round

Elaine Reno, MD

Emergency Medicine


Watch this Session

Anita Shelgikar MD Headshot

Anita Shelgikar, MD

Neurology, Sleep Medicine



Watch this Session

Petar Bajic

Petar Bajic, MD

Urology — Men’s Health




Patrick Remington, MD, MPH

Preventive Medicine



Watch this Session


Michelle Hure, MD

Michael Galvez - eShadowing

Michael Galvez, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery


Watch this Session

More Guests Being Added Soon!