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Finding shadowing during COVID-19 has been hard for every premed and pre-PA student. That's why Meded Media launched eShadowing with robust attendance tracking and quizzes so we can give you a certificate to document your hours. We have separate sessions for premeds with physicians and pre-PA students with PAs. Pre-PA eShadowing takes place every Monday at 7 pm ET and premed eShadowing is every Monday at 8 pm ET, with replays available through Sunday night. eShadowing will bring you physicians and PAs who will talk about their profession, offer a case presentation, and give their time for Q&A.

Please read the FAQ below for all your questions.


eShadowing Registration Link

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Is there a cost to attend or get an official certificate?
A: No. It's all free

Q: Is space limited?
A: Yes, we have a cap of 5,000 students and we have more than that who have already signed up to be notified. It will be a first come first serve for the live streams. If you can't make the live stream, you will be able to watch the replay.

Q: Do I need to register every week?

A: Yes and no. Every eShadowing session is a unique session on the platform we use, so you need to be registered for each. With that said, there is a button we have enabled when you do register that tells our system that it's okay for you to be automatically registered for every new session we have. While this system works, you may not receive the emails to log in. See the missing emails FAQ.

Q: Can you turn on Closed Captions?

A: Our platform doesn't have the ability to add closed captions live, but we do have a process to add closed captions to the replay by Thursday each week. The replay still counts toward your tracked time.

Q: I didn't get any emails, what happened?

A: This will hopefully be fixed now. I've upgraded to a more robust (aka more $$$$) plan with my email platform to be able to send out the couple hundred thousand emails we need to out for eShadowing. The platform we are using sends out all of the emails. The emails are set to send out immediately after registering, 24 hrs before, 4 hours before, 15 minutes before, and 12 hours after the webinar. Just like any emails, your email provider may cause the emails to go to spam. You're given your unique link to the webinar on the page as soon as you register. Please save that. All of the links here should work well for you.

Q: I'm still not getting any emails!

A: I just found another reason, school emails using Office 365. I just went through a few steps to tell Office 365 that I'm not a spammer. It should be fixed now.

Q: The webinar says it has expired

A: The live eShadowing session runs at 8 pm ET every Monday. If you try to watch around that time, you may see an expired message. You need to go to the replay link at The replay should be live with an hour after the eShadowing session.

Q: My time shows 0 but I have a quiz score

A: You likely are checking before we have pulled the attendance data from the session platform. Please try again later. We pull the data about once a day.

Replay Questions

Q: Where can I find the eShadowing Replay?

A: The link for premeds will always be The link for pre-PAs will always be

Q: I can't make it live, can I still get credit?

A: Yes! You should register even if you know you can't make it live. The replay WILL track your attendance for certificate credit. Our platform will send out the replay link on Tuesday morning with the quiz link as well.

Q: How long does the Replay last?

A: The replay lasts until Sunday evening, about midnight ET. After the official replay is over, we'll host the video on our eShadowing YouTube channel.

Q: My time wasn't tracked when I watched the Replay, what happened?

A: We've received a lot of questions from students who waited until the last minute to watch the replay. It appears the system will stop tracking you as soon as the replay expires, even if you're still watching it. You must finish watching the replay before the time above. Remember that the time above is not an exact cutoff so please don't wait until the last minute.

Quiz Questions

Q: Where can I find the eShadowing Quiz?

A: The link for premeds will always be The link for pre-PAs will always be

Q: How long do I have to take the quiz?

A: Because the Replay lasts until Sunday night, we need to give students time to take the quiz. We'll deactivate the quiz Monday afternoon.

Certificate Questions

Q: Will I automatically get a certificate?

A: No, you must request a certificate when you need it. Please do not request a certificate after every session.

Q: When can I get a certificate?
A: We cannot verify anything until the Replay is done, which is Sunday night. The following Monday (from when each session is) we will start the process of adding all the attendance and quiz information into our database. After that is complete, we'll have what we need to start issuing certificates. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A CERTIFICATE FOR EVERY SESSION. These are not collectibles. Your certificate will have your total hours and date range of when you did eShadowing sessions. It costs us money to create the certificates.

Q: What information is on the certificate?

A: The certificate will have your name (the one you submitted with the quiz), your TOTAL hours (sessions where you met the qualifications to earn credit—see below), and the date range of the eShadowing sessions you attended. Asking for a certificate after every session would just make each certificate you previously received useless. Please only request when you need it.

Q: How do I qualify for a certificate?
A: You have to watch at least 45 minutes of the eShadowing session (either Live or Replay or a combination of both) and pass the quiz with a score of 4/5. Students can only take the quiz once and the replay is only available until Sunday night for attendance credit. After that, the videos will be placed on YouTube at

Q: I'm not applying for a few years, can I still get a certificate then?

A: We'll make certificates available as long as students need them. At this point, we don't know how long eShadowing will continue, but we'll keep going as long as possible!

Q: How can I verify my watch time?
A: Because the process is very intensive, we only update the attendance every Friday. Using the button above will allow you to request an automatic check of your watch time and quiz score by session. All of the attendance tracking is done through the platform we are using. We are not responsible for any issues caused by technical issues that may result in your attendance not being tracked. Please make sure you turn off ad blockers and other content blockers that may interfere with tracking your attendance. We can not adjust attendance later.

Q: Why can't I see my session when I try to verify my watch time?
A: We need to manually pull the data from the eShadowing platform. Until we do that for the first time after every new session, you won't be able to check your watch time. Give us some time before you check. Because the process is very intensive, we only update the attendance every Friday.

Q: Can I change my email?
A: Yes! If you've used multiple email addresses, it is better to use just one. Please request the update here:

Q: How do I get a certificate?
A: Because it costs us money to create the certificates, please only request when you NEED it and not after every session. The certificate does not show individual sessions, only the total hours and start and stop dates. Request your certificate above.

Application Questions

Q: Can I put this on my application?
A: Yes, but it will be up to the schools to determine how they treat it. This obviously isn't "real" shadowing, but right now, when many of you can't do anything else, we thought we'd do something for you. The eShadowing team will be reaching out to schools to let them know what the qualifications are to receive certification.

Q: What contact info should I put on my application?

A: Use Ryan Gray, MD as the name and [email protected] as the email address. You do not need a phone number even though it looks like it. Just the email is fine. The location is Boulder, CO.

For OMSAS, or other applications that require a full address and phone, use this:
Medical School Headquarters

300 Center Drive, Suite G265
Superior, CO 80027
(617) 396-4360


These physicians are volunteering their time to teach you. Please take a second to learn about them and say hi to them on social media.

Michael Galvez - eShadowing

Michael Galvez, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery


Watch on


Michelle Hure, MD


Patrick Remington, MD, MPH

Preventive Medicine



Watch on

Anita Shelgikar MD Headshot

Anita Shelgikar, MD

Neurology, Sleep Medicine



Elaine Reno Headshot Round

Elaine Reno, MD

Emergency Medicine


Dr. Richard Brown

Ricky Brown, MD

Plastic Surgery



Renee Paro MD Headshot

Renee Paro, MD

Pediatric Cardiology



Jay Mehta MD Headshot

Jay Mehta, MD

Pediatric Rheumatology



Anjali Malik MD Headshot

Anjali Malik, MD

Breast Imaging Radiology



Nina Riggins MD Headshot

Nina Riggins, MD




Philip Chan MD Headshot

Philip Chan, MD, MS

Infectious Diseases (HIV and STIs)


Dana Levin MD Headshot

Dana Levin, MD

Aerospace and Emergency Medicine



Alex Dressler MD Headshot

Alex Dressler, MD

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine



Aaron Shmookler

Aaron Shmookler, MD

Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine (Pathology)



David Winchester MD Headshot

David Winchester, MD




Brittany Henderson Headshot Round

Brittany Henderson, MD

Thyroidology / Endocrinology



Carly Snyder MD Headshot

Carly Snyder, MD

Reproductive and Perinatal Psychiatry



Brian Smith MD Headshot

Brian Smith, MD

General Surgery


Jamal Rahimi MD EM

Jamal Rahimi, MD

Emergency Medicine



Matthew Kholer IR PM

Matthew Kohler, MD

Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine



Ed Uthman Pathology

Ed Uthman, MD

Anatomical and Clinical Pathology



Brent Lacey MD GI

Brent Lacey, MD




Anisha Dua MD Rheumatology

Anisha Dua, MD




BJ Miller MD Hospice Palliative Medicine

BJ Miller, MD

Hospice and Palliative Medicine



Kristina Dakis MD Family Medicine Maternity Care

Kristina Dakis, MD

Family Medicine and Maternity Care



Michelle Kittleson MD Heart Failure Transplant Cardiology

Michelle Kittleson, MD

Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology



Kenan Omurtag Headshot Round

Kenan Omurtag, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility



More Guests Being Added Soon!