Choosing Premed Colleges and Majors


This Author Thinks Our Premed Curriculum Needs Overhauled

Session¬†186 In today’s episode, Ryan talks with Ned, who wrote an article on the Scientific American Blog called It’s Time…

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When to Take the MCAT and More Premed Q&A

Session 177 In today’s episode, Ryan takes some questions posted on Google Voice caller line and Facebook Hangout and shed…

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Choosing a Premed Major that Reflects Who You Are

Your Premed Major One of the first decisions that a premed student must make is to decide what their undergraduate…

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Regional Medical Schools and Sidney’s Premed Path

Sidney shares her premed story about going to school in Idaho, not being around many premed students and applying to schools that are part of the WWAMI program.

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HPSP, Premed Major, Choosing an Undergrad and More Q&A

Ryan answers questions that have been emailed in and talks about his upcoming Medical School Interview book! Go to for more info!

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How a Liberal Arts Degree as a Premed Might be the Best One

Ryan is joined by Dr. Adele Wolfson, a biochemistry professor at Wellesley College. They discuss the liberal arts and how beneficial they can be to everything!

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Premed Jobs, Gap Years, GPA, MCAT and More Q&A

Premed collaboration at it’s finest. We jumped on Blab to talk with premeds about their questions and struggles. We talked about the MCAT, GPA and so much more!

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