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Archive for November 2016

How Do MD Schools View Shadowing DOs?

How do MD Schools View Shadowing DOs?

Session 47 In this episode, we tackle a question about shadowing experiences and whether it matters that you’re shadowing a DO (osteopathic) when interested in going to an MD (allopathic) school. We also take a step further and talk about how most DO schools stress the importance of shadowing a DO when applying to a DO…

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How Can I Best Utilize Mnemonics for the MCAT?

Session 14 In today’s episode, Ryan and Bryan talk about some tips about creating mnemonics to help you memorize all the tons and tons of stuff out there. Mnemonics is all about making a sentence with the first letter of all the things you’re trying to memorize. This isn’t true. You can make this kind of…

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What Kind of Physician Do You Want to be? Recorded Live!

Session 206 Today’s episode is a different one as Ryan presents live recordings of the premed students he got to talk with during the two back-to-back conferences this October, namely, the AMSA (American Medical Student Association) PremedFest at the University of South Florida and the UC Davis Pre-Health Conference in California. Soon, we will be launching…

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How Should I Evaluate Postbac Programs?

Session 46 This week’s question is coming from a 36-year old, single mother of three who is looking to get into medical school. Listen in as Ryan and Rich share their insights into how you can actually evaluate postbac programs. Your questions, answered here on the OldPreMeds Podcast. Ryan and Rich again dive into the forums…

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