Guide to the Medical School Interview


Guide to the Medical School Interview

This book became the #1 Best Seller in the Medical Education & Training category for Kindle within a day and continues to be the best selling medical school interview book anywhere!

Dr. Ryan Gray has interviewed former and current deans of admissions and other Admissions Committee members for his award-nominated podcast, The Premed Years.

This book takes the information learned from those experts and helps you prepare for your medical school interview. Don't let your chances of becoming a physician slip away because you didn't know how to answer the hard questions.

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You'll Learn:

  • Why the medical school interview is so important and how you should prepare for it.

  • How to best craft the perfect answers and how to get feedback from others.

  • What the common question categories are (including 600 questions) and how to answer them—even those dreaded moral and ethical questions!

  • Over 50 real answers given by students during mock interviews and the feedback given to them so you don't make the same mistakes.


"This book is a must purchase for anyone interested in being as prepared as possible for their medical school interview. Not only do a highly recommend this book, but I highly recommend all of Dr. Gray's resources available including but not exclusively his podcasts, and the opportunity to work with him via Skype for a mock interview. As much money and time as you or someone that you care about have already invested in this process to get to this point, why would you not invest in what could be a resource to properly prepare you for this final step to begin medical school? There is an ease and comfort that comes from being prepared for lies ahead, this is a tremendous resource!"


"Amazing must-have for every premed! Dr. Gray covers the interview process in-depth. The hundreds, probably thousands, of potential interview questions will have you prepared for your big day!"



"As premeds, we need every advantage we can get our hands on. The hundreds of categorized questions, and general information will definitely give you that advantage. Very personable read as well; does well with talking to the reader."



"This book is just what I needed to prepare for my medical school interview. Dr. Gray addresses every possible thing you might want to consider before walking into an interview. It contains a list of hundreds of interview questions that are categorized by topic and that you probably won't be able to find in any other resource. The sample interview question answers are immensely helpful in crafting my own answers in preparation for my upcoming interviews. I'm so grateful to have discovered this resource and it has been absolutely invaluable in the process of preparing for the interview. I highly recommend pre-med students in any stage of the application process to purchase this book. It is well worth your money."





Dr. Ryan Gray is a former United States Air Force Flight Surgeon who found a passion for helping premed students on their journey to medical school. Best known for his podcasts, which have been downloaded over 3,000,000 times, Dr. Gray has interviewed numerous admissions committee members and deans of admissions for medical schools.

Through The Premed Years podcast and the Medical School Headquarters sites, Dr. Gray has helped thousands of students gain the confidence they require to successfully navigate the premed path.

Dr. Gray lives outside of Boulder, CO, with his wife Allison, who is a neurologist, and their daughter Hannah. Dr. Gray is also a Clinical Instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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