Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement


Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement

This book will likely soon be the go-to resource for premeds and their advisors. As Dr. Joon Kim from KGI said, "A beginning pre-health advisor looking to get caught up with personal statements would benefit tremendously by reading this book!" If a pre-health advisor should read this, then you should too!

This book not only gives you the information you need to know to outline, draft, and craft your story but also includes over 30 essays with feedback to show you what works and what doesn't. Don't let a bad personal statement keep you from getting an invitation to interview at your dream school.


Medical School Personal Statement book

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Get a Sample of our Personal Statement Book

Download our sample personal statement book that includes a lot of chapters about the personal statement as well as several examples of personal statements with edits! You'll also get our personal statement checklist! Already have your essay ready and want our experts to edit it for you? Check out our essay editing services here.

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You'll Learn:

  • Why the medical school personal statement is so important and how medical schools potentially use them.

  • How to best craft your perfect story so others know your journey.

  • What the most common mistakes are when it comes to writing a personal statement so you can avoid them.

  • How I give feedback to personal statements with over 30 real drafts and final essays from students with my feedback.


"Another superb book from the Premed Playbook series by Dr. Gray. This edition helps medical school applicants approach the personal statement with confidence and inspiration. This is done through easy to read explanations of all relevant topics from beginning to the end. Furthermore, the different stages of drafts with edits are incorporated to elaborate what can seem as ambiguous feedback to applicants. A beginning pre-health advisor looking to get caught up with personal statements would benefit tremendously by reading this book!"

Instructor and Director of
Postbaccalaureate Premedical Certificate (PPC) Program

"I found this book to be a fun, practical, easy-to-read guide on helping an applicant fine their voice for their personal statement. Using a clear, systematic approach supported by examples, Dr. Gray unveils the true purpose of the personal statement and why it’s so important for an applicant to know oneself. I think the process through which he guides the reader will prove beneifical not only for the personal statement but for the medical school interview as well. Perhaps even more valuable is that the reader will achieve a better understanding one’s motivations for pursuing a career in medicine."


Gregory M. Polites, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Chairman, Central Subcommitee on Admissions
Washington University School of Medicine



Dr. Ryan Gray is a former United States Air Force Flight Surgeon who found a passion for helping premed students on their journey to medical school. Best known for his podcasts, which have been downloaded over 3,000,000 times, Dr. Gray has interviewed numerous Admissions Committee members and deans of admissions for medical schools.

Through The Premed Years podcast and the Medical School Headquarters sites, Dr. Gray has helped thousands of students gain the confidence they require to successfully navigate the premed path.

Dr. Gray lives outside of Boulder, CO with his wife Allison, who is a Neurologist, and their daughter Hannah. Dr. Gray is also a Clinical Instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Now available at (as well as every other marketplace):