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Archive for January 2018

Should I Delay My Application Another Year?

Session 111 When you decide to go to med school a little later, you may not have the shadowing and clinical experience you want, should you delay your application? Please check out all our other weekly podcasts on the MedEd Media Network. The MCAT Podcast is in collaboration with Next Step Test Prep. The Premed…

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MCAT Foundational Topic: Biology Questions Broken Down

Session 79 We’re starting a series of foundational subject material. Each week, we’ll cover some foundational topics for each section. This is what you need to know. I am joined every week by Bryan Schnedeker from Next Step Test Prep. He’s the VP for Content Development at Next Step for the MCAT. He knows his…

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Get Ready for the New MCAT User Interface Changes

Session 78 With a new testing center, comes new changes to the MCAT user interface. Things won’t be drastically different, but we thought you should know as you prepare. We have a new book coming up called The Premed Playbook: Guide to the MCAT. Go to to be notified when it comes out! This…

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Should I Get a Second Degree or Just Take More Classes?

Should I Get a Second Bachelor's Degree or Just Take More Classes?

Session 110 This week on the OldPreMeds Podcast, our student is trying to raise her GPA to be more competitive for medical school. She’s questioning if she should start another degree or just take more classes as part of her first degree. This is actually a very common question among nontrads, especially for someone who…

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What Does the Psychiatry Match Data Look Like?

Session 59 Looking at the Psychiatry Match data, it’s easy to see that it is becoming a more popular field. I discuss all the data in today’s Specialty Stories podcast. Finding physicians for this show has been a challenge so we’d like to ask for your help. If you know a physician who would be…

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Needed Specialties for Specialty Stories

Thank You Thank you for your interest in either coming on the show as a guest or helping me find a guest for Specialty Stories. Our Mission The goal of Specialty Stories is to show premeds, medical students, and even residents, what the various medical specialties look like. I will cover both academic and community…

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