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Archive for July 2018

Next Step Full Length 10, Passage 7, Questions 36-39

Session 104 Joined by Bryan Schnedeker from Next Step Test Prep, we continue to dive into Next Step Test Prep’s full length ten Chem/Phys section. Click Here to Download Handout [01:56] Some Reset Tips to Help You on Test Day If in the event of the test, you’d find yourself struggling with the sections, reset…

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The ShortCoat Podcast: Interview Prep, Opening Up, and Death.

Original Article: Interview Prep, Opening Up, and Death. And no, that’s not the three stages of your med school application. ’tis the season to be applying to medical school. Which is why we got so many listener questions to address on this episode (thank you!)  Listener Magnus wanted suggestions for how to prepare for MMI and regular admissions interviews,…

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Next Step Full Length 10, Passage 6, Questions 31-34

Session 103 Together with Bryan Schnedeker of Next Step Test Prep, let’s dive into Passage 6 on Next Step’s full-length 10 which includes nutrition labels, understanding fiber, combustion, and others. If you didn’t know yet, I also host The Premed Years Podcast, The OldPreMeds Podcast, Specialty Stories, Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A, and some more…

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Is My New Research Opportunity Worth it in the Long Run?

Session 135 Our student today asks the question but kind of answers it as well. With a new opportunity for research experience, he’s wondering if it’s worth the sacrifices. Questions in this podcast are taken from the Nontrad Premed Forum. If you haven’t yet, please register for an account for free and begin asking away!…

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Ignoring Advice, He Disclosed His Bipolar Disorder in Apps

Session 295 If you’re struggling with mental illness and you’re debating whether or not to put that in your application to medical school, today’s interview is something you must listen to. Logan is currently a rising second-year medical student at Pacific Northwest. He decided to reach out to me after gaining an acceptance and after…

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Premed Hangout Q&A: Interviews, Mistakes, and Much More!

Session 294 For today’s episode, we took a handful of questions that students asked in our Facebook group, the Premed Hangout. We cover a variety of topics. Join now! If you’re listening to this before August 21, 2018, the release date of my next book The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement.…

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