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Archive for August 2018

High School Dropout to Highest Ranking Physician in the US

Session 299 This is a beautiful story of triumph, dedication, determination, hard work, and grit. Today’s episode is packed with amazing stories along with great insights and immense wisdom from someone who has gone through it all. If you’re on this medical school journey and probably thinking you can’t do it, then take some time…

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Next Step Full Length 10, Discretes, Questions 57-59

Session 107 Solubility, fatty acids, and uranium are all topics of the three discrete questions we cover on this next installment of Next Step full-length 10 breakdown! This is our last set of discrete questions before we move on to our next section. As always, we’re joined by Bryan Schnedeker of Next Step Test Prep.…

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Next Step Full Length 10, Passage 9, Questions 49-51

Session 106 Passage 9 covers isolating a specific drug, amino acids and Poiseuille’s law. Once again, Bryan Schnedeker of Next Step Test Prep joins us to help us break down these questions so you can come prepared for the MCAT and be ready to rock it! Click Here to Download Handout [01:45] Passage 9 Drug…

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