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Archive for October 2018

Next Step Full Length 10, CARS Passage 8

Session 116 Struggling with CARS? Check out passage 8 from Next Step Test Prep, full-length 10. Listen to the struggles, learn from the mistakes to improve your MCAT score. Have you subscribed to the Premed Diaries yet? Check out episode 2 now! Be sure to also take a listen to all our other podcasts on…

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The ShortCoat Podcast: Listeners Revolt!

Original Article: Listeners Revolt! We love listener feedback…even when it’s negative 🙂 And this whole obesity thing is really great for generating negative listener feedback.  For instance, Marlene thought our comments on nutrition were mostly wrong.  And Laura didn’t seem happy with what we thought was our neutral stance on keto, either, as she’s having some…

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Will My Path and Injury Prevent Me From Med School?

Session 147 Our poster today is wondering about their journey and whether it’s too long and too unusual that it may hurt their chances of getting into medical school. Questions tackled here are taken directly from the Nontrad Premed Forum, where you can register for free and post if you have any questions. Moreover, check…

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Next Step Full Length 10, CARS Passage 7

Session 115 Remember when I said we were on the last MCAT CARS passage last week? Surprise, we have 3 more to go! How about that for a fun prank! Enjoy and subscribe. Once again, Clara from Next Step Test Prep is joining us as we break down the passages over the next three weeks.…

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The ShortCoat Podcast: Ambien Dreams

Original Article: Ambien Dreams This week, listener Jen sent us an article from JAMA in which the author bemoans his tendency to let the electronic health record (coupled with his data-entry difficulties) dominate his attention at the expense of his ability to really see and empathize with his patients.  The cost: missing clues that indicate a patient’s progressive decline and…

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