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Archive for April 2019

Next Step Full Length 10, Psych/Soc Passage 7

Session 142 This week, we continue on with our breakdown as we discuss Passage 7 of Next Step Test Prep’s full length 10 Psych/Soc. Next Step Test Prep’s Clara is joining us again as we dive into group psychology which is huge on the MCAT. Particularly, this passage is about the bystander effect. It’s the…

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Next Step Full Length 10, Psych/Soc Passage 6

Session 141 This week, we’re continuing the breakdown of Psych/Soc, specifically focused on the topic of medicalization. You will probably find a surprising number of questions on the MCAT regarding sociological relationships to health and disease. As always, we’re joined by Clara from Next Step Test Prep. Click Here to Download Handout [02:04] Passage 6…

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How Do Admissions Committees View Audited Courses

Session 174 Our questions here are taken directly from the Nontrad Premed Forum. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for free so you can begin to ask away and hopefully, we can answer them here on the podcast. Meanwhile, check out all our other podcast on MedEd Media Network where you can…

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MCAT CARS Skills—The Impact TB had on Architecture

Session 26 Another week of passage, another week to help you get the MCAT score of your dreams. As always, I’m joined by Jack Westin from as we dive into this article about tuberculosis and architecture. Check out Jack Westin and sign up for their daily CARS passages that get sent right to your…

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What to Be Prepared to Discuss in the Med School Interview

Session 334 When you walk into your medical school interview, if you’re not prepared for specific types of questions, it may throw you off completely. Let’s talk about them! Today, we talk about the things you need to prepare for to discuss in the medical school interview. When expectations don’t meet reality, that’s when there’s…

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