Three Questions Not to Ask Your Med School Interviewer

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Session 16

Usually the end of your medical school interview the interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them. Today we’ll talk last three questions you should never ask.

[01:05] Ask About the School, Not About the Person

The first question you should avoid asking to the interviewer is  “What made you want to work here at the school?”

This sounds like a great question. What happens if that interviewer is at that school because his wife is the breadwinner and she wants to work in that location. But he really wants to be in New York. Or what if he really wants to work at another school down the street but they didn’t want him for whatever reason?

There are so many personal reasons for why somebody’s working at a particular location. So this doesn’t gives you great insight into the school.

[02:22] You Do the Work!

The second question you shouldn’t ask is “How is your school going to prepare me for residencies?” Or asking, “How will you make me stand out?”

Personally, when I hear that as an interviewer, all I hear is “I’m needy and I’m going to need you to help me stand out. I’m not going to do the work, you are. How are you going to do that for me?”

It’s your education. It’s your future, your goals, your aspirations. So you work hard.

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[03:08] Student Support Resources

Finally, the third question you shouldn’t ask any interviewer is “What resources do you have in place for when I get anxious or I get depressed?

Yes, a school should have those systems in place and should have resources for the students. But this should not be discussed during the interview. Find out about that information once you are accepted or after your interview from other students. Don’t ask that to an admissions committee member that’s interviewing you.

What this sounds like to me is “I’m worried I’m going to get burned out or I’m going to get super depressed.” So now, as an interviewer, “I’m concerned about you being able to finish school.”

It’s great to know about the information on how they’re going to help or what resources are in place. Students get burnt out and they get depressed. So it’s good to know what resources are available. But don’t ask that during your interview.

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