Should I Schedule a Second MCAT Date as a Backup?

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Session 24

You walk out of MCAT and don’t think you’ve done well, should you schedule another test date, or should you wait for your score? That’s what we cover today.

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[00:35] Should You Schedule a Second MCAT Date as a Backup?

In theory, it’s a great thought. However, the AAMC (the organization behind the MCAT) does not allow that.

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If you take that MCAT in April and you want to take it again in June because you think you got a bad score. What you have to do is as soon as you get back from taking the test, register again for the exam. You could only be registered for one test, one seating at a time for the MCAT.

[01:32] One Test at a Time

Start with one. Hopefully, you don’t have to take more than once. Study as hard as you can for that one. Go and crush it!

Then when you go and get your score back, then you make that decision whether you need to retake the MCAT or move forward with the application process. Figure out what you need to do next. You take it in April and get your score back in May. Then go through your decision process.

Again, only one test at a time. And as soon as you’re done testing, then you can register for another test.

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