Do I Have to Know Laws or Specific Medicine for the MMI?

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Session 25

Many students worry about not knowing enough medical information or specific laws for the MMI or general interviews. We’ll dig into that today.

I was working with a student for a mock interview and we had a Jehovah’s witness scenario where the minor was awake. And the minor is going against what the mom/guardian says. What do you do?

For the most part, the minor doesn’t have the legal rights. So it’s always what the parent wants.

So the student was a little confused.

[00:49] You Don’t Understand Everything, That’s Not the Goal of the MMI

Remember that during the MMI, the people that write these scenarios, along with the interviewers and the actors, that you are a premed student. Unless you’re a former lawyer, you don’t know all the laws around it. And even if you are, you might not necessarily know all the laws surrounding things in the healthcare world.

So they understand that you don’t know the in’s and out’s of the medical field, nor the proper treatments or proper protocols for things.

You don’t need to go down that route. You’re not expected to know all of that. So don’t worry about that aspect of an answer.

[Tweet “”Just give me your thoughts and your thought processes behind your ideas. That’s the goal of the MMI.””]

[02:01] You’re Never Alone

You also have to understand that you are never alone, not in a scenario, and not in real life. If this is your first Jehovah’s witness patient and the patient is still awake and says something, you don’t just give it to them. Tell them that you’re calling a colleague or the hospital legal team or the hospital ethics committee.

[Tweet “”You can always phone a friend and you’ll never be wrong for that. So don’t worry about asking for help.””]

So if asked this question, tell the interviewer you’re going to call a colleague or the hospital administration. This is your thought process and that’s what the interview is going after – your thought process.

Again, you don’t know the in’s and out’s of everything. You just have to know that you need to communicate your thought process, your ideas, and your reasons behind your answer.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

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