Can I Take Med School Prereqs Online?

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Can I Take Med School Prereqs Online?

Session 55

Many medical schools don’t accept online courses, but is that true across the board? Here’s what to consider before taking prereqs online.

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[00:35] Don’t Do Your Prereqs Online

You don’t want to hinder any ability to get into medical school because of where you did your coursework.

The MSAR is the definitive answer for MD schools. MSAR stands for the Medical School Admissions Requirements from the AAMC. It costs $30.

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Look at the schools you’re interested in applying to and see if they allow online prereqs. There are schools that accept online courses and there are some that don’t. Or it’ can be a case-by-case basis.

You want to leave as many doors open as possible. If you do your prereqs online, you are closing doors possibly to a medical school that you want to go to. 

So before you sign up for any prereqs online, make sure the schools you’re most interested in applying to accept those prereqs.

[02:30] Worst and Best Case Scenarios

You may have to take them in person so you’re just spending more money on tuition. You may need to delay your application if the school you want to go to isn’t going to accept it.

The best-case scenario is to change your top choices and choose schools that accept online prereqs. That being said, you’re limiting your choices.

[03:05] Go Ahead If You Really Need To

Some of you may need to take online courses and that’s okay. You have to look at your specific situation and decide if this is what you need to do. If this is the only way that you can get the courses you need, then do it. 

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[03:53] Really Check with the School

Even though the MSAR may say they accept online courses, take one extra step and reach out to the medical school.

Find out if they really accept online courses and if they view online courses in the same light as in-person courses. Let the admissions committee tell you which option they prefer.

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[05:05] Key Takeaways

If you really need to take your prerequisites online, doit. If you have the option, ask. You can take your prereqs online but it may limit you in the future as you’re applying to medical schools.


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