MSHQ Advising Options


If you're a student who wants to make sure you make the most of your application, whether it's your first cycle, or fourth, our team of expert MSHQ advisors, which includes two former Director of Admissions, are here to help you. We'll help you craft your story in your personal statement, show your impact in your activities, hone your messaging in secondary essays, and impress in your interviews. There isn't anything we can't help you with with Application Cycle Prep hourly bundles.


When you only have limited time with an interviewer and want to make the best impression, a mock interview with our MSHQ experts will prepare you better. Our small team of advisors, which includes two former med school Directors of Admissions, will meet with you for 45 minutes and make sure you know your story well enough to answer any question thrown your way. We can help prepare students for Casper, MMI, group, panel, or traditional medical school interviews.


When you want the ability to tell your best story and have the accountability from a group of like-minded premed students applying to medical school at the same time, Application Academy is exactly what you're looking for. Application Academy will give you all the knowledge to ensure you're applying with YOUR best application. You'll be guided through writing your personal statement, secondaries, activities, and all other essays that you may have. You'll be ready for your interviews with live mock interview sessions. Application Academy is the best, most affordable (we have FAP discounts, too!) application cycle prep MSHQ offers!


If you're sitting at the end of an unsuccessful application cycle and want fresh eyes to help you look at your application, we can help with that. If you're at the start of your nontraditional premed career and want to make sure you're not wasting any time, we can help with that too. If you're unsure whether you're ready to apply this cycle—you guessed it—we're here for you. Our single-session advising is for any student who needs specific, personal answers to their questions. You can schedule once, or every few months. We're here to make sure you have exactly what you need to be confident you are doing everything possible to realize your dream of becoming a physician.


The perfect advising service for students early in their premed journey. If you're a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-year college student, Premed Pathway allows our expert MSHQ advisors to be your premed advisor. Meet with us for an hour each semester, and ask as many questions as you want through Chat Advising with a free Mappd Pro account. Let us help make sure you're ready to apply to med school!


Whether you're working on your primary (personal statement, activities, other impact experiences) essays, or your secondary applications, our small, personal team of MSHQ premed experts will help you craft an authentic story. The only way we think you can stand out is by telling your true, authentic story, and we'll help you do that so anyone would want to invite you for an interview and ask more questions. Pair with a discounted advising session to ensure you know exactly what you need to write about!