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Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A

If you're a premed student, you probably have a lot of questions, and you may not have a lot of places to turn for answers. New episodes of Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A are released every Wednesday. To make sure you don't miss an episode, subscribe for free using the subscribe button and get the show on your device automatically each week!


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About the Show

The Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A podcast is an "almost daily" audio version of the Facebook Live videos that Dr. Gray does on the Medical School Headquarters Facebook page. If you can't watch the videos, or like audio more, this is for you! Dr. Gray covers everything under the sun, answering your questions.


Dr. Ryan Gray

Dr. Ryan Gray is a former United States Air Force Flight Surgeon who found a passion for helping premed students on their journey to medical school. Best known for his podcasts, which have been downloaded over 3,000,000 times, Dr. Gray has interviewed numerous admissions committee members and deans of admissions for medical schools.

Through The Premed Years podcast and the Medical School Headquarters sites, Dr. Gray has helped thousands of students gain the confidence they require to successfully navigate the premed path.

Dr. Gray lives outside of Boulder, CO, with his wife Allison, who is a neurologist, and their daughter Hannah. Dr. Gray is also a Clinical Instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.



What People Are Saying

"I am an older and non traditional student. This podcast has so much valuable information, including episodes that answered a lot of my ‘outside the box of traditional premed’ questions. Thanks Dr. Gray!"

- Sb_hope2004

“So informative!!! Dr. Gray is the man. He puts out excellent content that covers every aspect of being a pre-med student. Thanks Dr. Gray.”

- joey_31

"Dr Grey, thank you for your awesome content!

- Lisa Brocadello

“I love your series! You've helped with my journey."

- Eunita C.