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CARS Masterclass with Ryan Gray. Presented by Blueprint MCAT

Blueprint MCAT: CARS Masterclass with Ryan Gray

Despite having all the answers right there in the passage, CARS is still a nearly universally disliked section on the MCAT. Why is that? What makes it so difficult for so many students? What should you be focusing on when you’re knee-deep in a passage? How can you practice on your own and prepare for…

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Blueprint MCAT Accepted: How to Choose a Medical School Webinar

Imagine it…you’ve mastered the MCAT, submitted an amazing application, made it through the interviews and you got accepted to medical school! Now what? Join us in this webinar where a panel of medical students will spill the tea on what they wish they had known when deciding which school to matriculate to and what you…

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Blueprint MCAT The Killers: Tackling the Absolute Toughest MCAT Passages Webinar

Imagine this: it’s test day and you sit down to your first section. The very first passage you see looks brutal. So many arguments and opinions, and a ton of data…don’t panic! Join us for this free webinar where we’ll talk about how to handle those killer passages and, importantly, how to avoid psyching yourself…

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Blueprint MCAT Non-Trad Admissions Webinar

No one said the path to becoming a doctor was easy. Between keeping a stellar undergrad GPA, a mountain of extracurriculars, the MCAT, and equally-as-passionate peers, the competitive medical school process can make some students feel overwhelmed—especially if you’ve been out of college for a while! Between forgetting content we learned in school, finding the…

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