Finding the Right Extracurriculars for You | MSHQ Workshop Series

Premeds often struggle to find extracurriculars that they both enjoy doing and that add value to their application. We’re here to help you crack-the-code to boosting your activities section with experiences that add to your personal journey to medical school. We’ll teach you about the extracurricular activities that will boost your activities section when it…

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The Secret to Answering Every Secondary | MSHQ Workshop Series

It can be easy to get lost in the mountain of secondary prompts and feel like you’re answering the same questions over and over. We’ll teach you how to find the heart of the prompts and show up as your true self in your applications. We’ll also give you the opportunity to get feedback on…

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How to Crush Your Medical School Interview | MSHQ Workshop Series

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the medical school interview including the most common questions, different interview formats, and give YOU the chance to answer mock interview questions live.

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Secondary Season Survival Guide

Secondary Season Survival Guide | MSHQ Workshop Series

So many students underestimate secondaries and find themselves drowning in a pile of secondaries. We can give you the best strategies for submitting them within that key two-week timeframe. We’ll be workshopping your essay submissions live!

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Cracking the code to preview and casper

Cracking the Code to SJTs: Casper and PREview | MSHQ Workshop Series

Situational judgment tests can be intimidating. You’re used to having one “right” answer, and not having that as a guiding light can leave students feeling lost. This workshop will teach you how to stop worrying about finding the one “right” answer and instead teach you how to find and defend your honest answer. We’ll also…

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Tailor Your Premed Activities to Support a Powerful Application | MSHQ Workshop Series

The why behind your activities and your reflections are what allow the admissions committee to connect with you on a deeper level. The activities section is the place to talk about your clinical experiences, shadowing, work experience, and passions outside of medicine. As a premed, you have a lot of activities to choose from. We’ll…

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