How to Write About How You Fit a Medical School’s Mission

Most medical schools have a specific mission. A lot of schools will ask you on their secondary application about how you fit with their mission. 

This question is different than why you want to come to their school. They’re basically diving a bit deeper into their specific mission. 

What is the mission of this medical school? 

Do your research. Find out what the school’s mission is. Usually, schools will provide it in their secondary essay prompt along with the question.

You may be able to find more about the school’s mission from their website or other resources. 

The more thorough of an understanding you can get of their mission, the easier it will be to understand how you fit into it and write about it.

How do you fit into the school’s mission?

Now reflect on your journey. Think about how your passions and past experiences allow you to fit into the school’s mission. 

If you haven’t had any specific experiences that fit with that mission, just talk about why that mission excites you. 

Also, discuss what you hope to do in the future that mission relates to that mission. Illustrate how your personal mission is aligned with the school’s mission.

Do you still have a shot if you’re not a perfect fit?

You don’t have to be a perfect fit right now. If you don’t have extracurriculars where you’ve been working in line with their mission, that’s okay.

You can still talk about why you’re excited by their mission. This still gives you a shot at that school.