MCAT 2015 Practice Test – Official AAMC Test Now Available

MCAT 2015 Test

MCAT 2015

Finally, the AAMC has released the Official MCAT2015 Sample Test. This is the first for the new MCAT exam.

It’s Official

While Kaplan and The Princeton Review, and other test prep companies have been working hard at creating content, this is the first official full-length MCAT exam.

MCAT Sample Test Cost

Everything comes with a cost! It’s $25 and has 230 questions. These questions were written by the actual test developers and will simulate the computer-based testing environment.

Other Features of the Sample Test

  • Take the test up to 10 times (though that might be a little much!)
  • Review your test and see the solutions
  • Take it timed, untimed, or with the solutions available during the test

Learn More

To find out more about the Official MCAT2015 Sample Test go to

MCAT 2015 Test Dates

The “old” MCAT is done after January 2015. If it’s past then, sorry. You’re stuck with the new one.

Starting April 2015, you’ll be taking the new MCAT. We’ve already covered all of the MCAT 2015 test dates.

MCAT 2015 Test Prep

There are many options for MCAT PrepKaplan and The Princeton Review both have started offering MCAT 2015 Books.

MCAT Question of the Day

M Prep has starting offering their MCAT Question of the Day service for the 2015 MCAT. You can find it here.