What You Need to Know About MCAT Registration (2023)

AAMC Released MCAT Dates for 2023

The AAMC has released the test dates and score release dates for 2023! They’ve also given new updates on MCAT registration. We want to give you the rundown of the dates, what you need to know about registering for the MCAT, and when you should start prepping.

Even if you’re not planning to take the MCAT for a few months or more, it’s a good idea to have a date in mind so you can work backward to figure out when you need to start prepping for it.

Registration Opens in October

You can register on October 25 or October 26, depending on your region, for MCAT dates January-June. If you’re planning to test later in 2023, you’ll have to wait for registration to open up for those dates.

Preregistration opens up on October 7. You can fill out your demographic information, and input your ID so that you’re ready on registration day. You can also review the terms and conditions, and important deadlines.

2023 MCAT Regional Opening

If you want to be reminded about registration opening up or receive other important announcements, you can sign up to receive update emails. The AAMC is also hosting a webinar all about the MCAT on October 6, and you can submit your questions when you register.

When Should I Take the MCAT?

If you’re planning on applying in 2023, we recommend you take the MCAT in January or March. This gives you time to work on your primary application after taking the MCAT, and allows you to retake it if needed without delaying your application.

How Long Should I Study?

How far in advance you need to prepare for the MCAT will depend on the amount of time per week you are able to dedicate to studying. Once you’ve chosen a test date, you can use Blueprint MCAT’s free study planner tool to map out your study schedule. Make sure you plan off days for events, breaks, and things that come up unexpectedly like sick days. This way, you’re not thrown off by a bump in the road.

For most students, a 4-6 month schedule is a comfortable amount of time to spend studying. This timeline allows you to be adequately prepared without getting burnt out. Learn how to make a 6 month study schedule here. You can also make a shorter study schedule here if you’re in a time crunch.

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