Your Amazing Premed Stories!

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Session 100

Your Amazing Premed Stories!

To mark the 100th episode of The Premed Years podcast, today we open the show by reciting the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath.

We honestly didn’t think the podcast would make it this far. The whole reason this podcast has lasted this long is because of the listeners who have continued to put this podcast onto their devices.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve reached out to the audience and requested stories that they could share to the other listeners. As a result, I gathered 6 amazing premed stories. We want to give a special shoutout to Jessica, a premed we’ve worked with, who suggested this idea. (As it turned out, she also suggested the idea for Episode 50!)

Listen to this podcast episode with the player above, or keep reading for the highlights and takeaway points.

There Are Many Paths to Medical School

There is no single path you must follow to get into medical school. By highlighting these amazing premed stories, this episode will hopefully show you that.

Here are stories of six amazing people and the struggles and triumphs that they encountered along their path to medical school.

Christina’s story:

  • Her GPA wasn’t a perfect 4.0, and she didn’t have all the right “premed” extracurriculars.
  • The recession hit her family and her family’s business.
  • She initially went to graduate school but felt that something was missing.
  • She decided to take a small step in pursuing her passion for medicine, began looking for online resources, and found MSHQ.
  • Was inspired by Carrie’s story that was featured in episode 74.
  • She is now in her fourth year of graduate school, continuing her research and preparing for the MCAT, with the goal to apply next summer.
Her GPA wasn’t a perfect 4.0, and she didn’t have all the right 'premed' extracurriculars.Click To Tweet

Jake’s story:

  • He is a future physician and is following a nontraditional route to medicine.
  • His goal was to get through the application process in one piece.
  • Realized he wasn’t passionate about biology (which was his advisor’s idea) and instead found his passion for public health behavior and society.
  • He got the privilege to study in Santiago, Chile, for six months.
  • Had a lower GPA and had to retake the MCAT with the hope of increasing his score.
  • Changed his study strategy for the MCAT by using practice questions to really understand the material.
  • He is currently working on two projects in between graduation and medical school.
  • Currently has two acceptances to medical school.
His goal was to get through the medical school application process in one piece.Click To Tweet

Gabriel’s story:

  • A senior at the University of Puerto Rico and currently taking his MCAT.
  • Graduated with a low GPA and did not get accepted into the human biology program.
  • Dedicated himself to getting the best grades possible and doing everything he could to change majors.
  • Puerto Rican medical schools are U.S. medical schools.
  • The MCAT is difficult for non-native English speakers.
Puerto Rican medical schools are U.S. medical schools.Click To Tweet

Jackson’s story:

  • His interest in medicine began in high school when he was working with his dad as a funeral director.
  • He loves both math and science and has studied both at length.
  • He liked the application of math to clinical situations such as infant brain and skull research.
  • Received rejections when he applied for med school but continues to accumulate research and experiences.
His interest in medicine began in high school when he was working with his dad as a funeral director.Click To Tweet

David’s story:

  • Decided to become a doctor at a very early age.
  • Found the high school medical school program for teens but did not fit the requirements.
  • Watched surgery videos on YouTube and found The Premed Years podcast.
  • Applied to volunteer at a hospital at 12 years old, kept being rejected because of his age, but never gave up.
  • Set up a field trip to what they call the medical mall, where they got to talk to physicians.
  • Took the P4 Program for high-school students.
  • Created a 4-H Medical SPIN Club and runs different activities and meetings regularly.
  • He is currently working on a community service project.
  • He’s been giving out business cards and marketing himself since he was 13 years old.
David decided to become a doctor at a very early age.Click To Tweet

Jessica’s story:

  • Learned the MCAT is really serious. (She likens it to running a marathon.)
  • Stumbled upon a research opportunity.
  • Realized that something had to give because she was taking on too much at once.
  • It’s all about pacing and planning ahead.
  • She took a two-month leave of absence from work to focus on her MCAT prep.
  • Her fiance supported her all the way.
Preparing for the MCAT is like running a marathon.Click To Tweet

Some pieces of advice for premed students:

  • Everyone is unique. Take a step back and think about what makes you unique. How can your unique passions and backstory become a strength in your application?
  • Learn to speak up and ask questions, especially in professional settings.
  • Keep the passion for medicine running through your veins!

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