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Session 169

AMSA PremedFest

In this episode, Ryan talks about the Premed Fest Conference organized by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). Several people may not know it but AMSA also serves premed students where they hold chapters at undergrad institutions for premeds.

This is the 2nd Premest Fest held outside of Tampa, Florida with this year’s keynote speaker, Patch Adams. Ryan attended the conference where he brought some podcasting equipment to interview students specifically about the impact they want to make when they become physicians.

Listen in as these awesome students discuss their goals:


  • To make sure patients are well aware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • A larger impact globally especially in women’s health and children’s health


  • To combine his chiropractic knowledge along with the osteopathic knowledge
  • Look at patients holistically with the more tools to work with such as medicine and therapy.


To bring compassion for the individual having the ability to step into their world


To provide the magic of sight to people


To let patients know that they are not alone and that they have doctors who have experienced illnesses like her being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.


  • To bring more affordable technology to global healthcare.
  • To see the current gaps in technology exist so he can make it accessible to people globally.


  • To make medicine more about care, compassion for patients instead of medication after medication
  • To make his mark on the human side of medicine amidst the advancement i biotech, research, and medicine


To make healthcare more available in her area where it becomes a necessity instead of a privilege.


To become a surgeon and provide free surgeries.


To look into neurodegenerative diseases and make it easier for the end-of-life care especially for people with different forms of dementia.


  • To work with underserved populations having grown up in Ghana, West Africa where access to medicine is a hassle.
  • To work with minorities and to work with areas with health disparities so she can eliminate them by building her own clinic “Patch Adam” style.


  • To show people what osteopathic medicine actually is.
  • To deal with people and get them to a point where they see him as few times as possible.
  • His primary goal of care is that patients take care of themselves.


To help children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to help heal and bring nurses and volunteers to help to make a difference.

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